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  1. My mom has a strange type of glaucoma. She said it is Uvietis caused by glaucoma. And it has to do something about the pressure of her eye being too low or high. (Not sure which) And she asked her Dr. about medical marijuana and the doctor said that it might make it worse. Im not sure if her Dr is lieing to her or not.. Anyone know about this?
  2. I know im new to this forum and i think this is a good forum for better research on the questions i have. And im sure others have the same question as me. What is a difference between Rick Simpson Oil and Amber oil (as known as wax, or crumble). In case you guys dont know exactly what Amber oil is, its allot more brighter and solid. Almost like wax, its color is a little orange. But i have also seen it a little wet and oily as well. Im also asking if amber oil can be used to cure cancer as Rick Simpson oil can be used. And if it has all the cannibinoids too. Rick simpson oil has:
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