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  1. He's keeping company with some of the sleaziest Governors in the nation. He's on this list for poisoning an entire city, with strategic forethought, and intent of malice. https://youtube.com/watch?v=WTSG_Kcd_uA
  2. So, will the State Police/National Guard be deployed to shut down all the current dispensaries ASAP, now that there are solid policies and guidance on what a dispensary is?
  3. I belted out this song at the Michael Moore Rally in Flint this past Saturday. Rachel Maddow Show had a brief clip of me singing (no sound) and a nice shot of my protest sign. At least 10 deaths from Legionnaires Disease linked to the Flint water crisis. https://youtube.com/watch?v=d2-7Jk5iaa8
  4. I've been posting the song and these political cartoons to every forum I can find on the internet discussing this issue. I have a hope that the folks might use the first and last verse as chants at today's protest in Lansing. I had given the lyrics to folks directly involved. https://youtube.com/watch?v=K5rLRxiwLXA
  5. The music is from Fresh Karaoke, but I'm singing and did the lyrics.
  6. Here is my attempt at a ballad in remembrance of the Lead Poisoning of Flint. I hope it inspires some real musicians to create a song that will be played by Michigan radio stations every year to remember what happened in Flint. Just like we remember the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald every year. Lead Poisoning of Flint: Pure Michigan. Never Forget. https://youtube.com/watch?v=WTSG_Kcd_uA
  7. Well, I'd say Mr. Patterson is a Kinesthetic (Physical) Learner. He can only truly learn something from physically doing it. Sure he'd heard for years about how important seat belts were. He even encouraged other to use them. It wasn't until he physically needed the seat belt that he understood the reality of seat belts.
  8. Not all churches are against medical marijuana. These are churches who do support medical marijuana: The Episcopal Church • The Presbyterian Church USA • The United Church of Christ • The United Methodist Church's Board of Church and Society • The Union of Reform Judaism • The Unitarian Universalist Association It may be worth getting to church this Sunday. https://www.mpp.org/wp-content/plugins/download-attachments/includes/download.php?id=5571
  9. Seems like a whole lot of money to corner a medical market that has less less than a 100,000 participants..... How much do patients have to be charged for meds for these guys to make a profit? "The number of patients in Michigan's medical marijuana program declined for the second year in a row in 2014, according to state statistics reviewed by The Detroit News. Last year, the number of identification cards for patients in the program totaled 96,408, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. That compares with 119,470 patients in 2011, and 118,368 in 2013."
  10. You just got Jammed! https://youtube.com/watch?v=DKAz5FEuN8g
  11. Don't forget the waste water monitoring system to determine if any cannabinoids are getting into Michigan's water ways. THC might have a negative impact on the Zebra Muscle and Asian Carp populations...
  12. I recommend using a spray cloner, EZclone 30, with Grodan cubes instead of the pucks. Ph the cubes, and leave the wrappers on. Provides full wetting of all cuttings, no need for domes, and if the power goes out the cubes will stay moistened by the cloner's reservoir. You can even run the pump on a timer. High performance, high efficiency, high redundancy, low maintenance.
  13. I'd keep an eye to the sky for DEA drones around that grow op...
  14. If this goes viral it could make it to a spot on the Daily Show, The Nightly Show, or Last Week Tonight. It has all the classic elements Jessica Williams could make it epic.
  15. The Davinci Ascent is a very nice unit. It heats up quickly, and because of the use of glass and ceramic it doesn't have metal screens to clog up and cleans easy. Also, on the important things for me, you can use it while it is charging! I had an issue with the power jack getting lose after about 3 months, but Davinci replaced it under 1 year warranty no problem. Thanks to BDT for printing me a copy of the receipt. My original receipt had faded to nearly nothing after just 3 months.
  16. The folks at We Grow say they're "grandfathered" in.... But the sausage aint done 'til the grinder stops a-spinnin'
  17. The Sheriff is right. Why keep around an old, clunky truck/tank, when the Pentagon is going to start "gifting" old military drones to local law enforcement soon.
  18. They have been showing his movie, "Whatever Dreams May Come" on HBO this month. Its a movie about the afterlife, where he tries to rescue his suicide wife who is in her own personal hell. Strange days indeed.....
  19. "Covert Twp", that's a little too on the nose. Based on the convenient location to the freeway and the lake, I'd reckon this was a grow to supply Chicago.
  20. Just watched this weeks "Off the Record" and Warren's Mayor Fouts laid out why Proposal 1 is a "scam". Here he is in a Free Press article laying down the law. http://www.freep.com/article/20140725/OPINION04/307250012/michigan-proposal-1 "I view Proposal 1 on the August ballot as another large corporate giveaway that will result in service cutbacks and employee lay-offs by cities like Warren. So much for the argument that the proposal will create new jobs. This is a very confusing propaganda proposal, primarily benefiting industrial manufactures. For that reason, I call it a hoax on taxpayers and urge voters to vote against Proposal 1. James R. Fouts Mayor of Warren"
  21. Unless you are a business owner vote against this proposal. While the proposal does address structural issues with the Michigan tax code, it'll be the little guy footing the bill. Same as it ever was....
  22. With great power, comes great responsibility. Look at how well disciplined the folks at the CIA and NSA have been. I'm going back to using pigeons.
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