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  1. I’m a 37 year old quadriplegic looking for a new caregiver. I have been connected with an excellent caregiver through this site before and the relationship lasted for years but he moved on in life. I currently have a caregiver, only my second one, but he’s very busy and it’s hard to get him to stop by, even though I ask days ahead of time. If anyone could help me out or recommend someone it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Just got one of those cheap bubble bowls in the mail that I mentioned above. They're pretty flimsy plastic and probably won't stack well without the screens touching. If you're going to do this just get the actual bubble bowls like in the video I shared. That's what I'm going to do now. They seem like much tougher plastic and they are tapered to stack like cups. I just feel like $180 is a bit expensive for a set. But the old saying always holds true, right tool for the right job! Enjoy
  3. Getting back on topic here This method looks easy and efficient I got some bubble bowls on the way, I'm excited to NOT have to wait for my 25 micron bag to drain https://youtube.com/watch?v=Wkd2za5_w_E Here's a link for some realistically priced bubble bowls.....since we're all aware plastic and nylon aren't worth $180 https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=EZ+strainer+5+gallon Enjoy!
  4. Wow, go to where Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt counties meet on Google earth! Zoom in a bit and start scrolling around. That's a lot of greenhouses!!!!! If you don't grow there you're the weird neighbor, lmao.
  5. Or just don't re-route water from a stream, drill a well like almond farmers. Seems simple. Oh yeah, shhh, gotta keep my hydro garden under the radar.
  6. I've been a directv customer since I broke my neck, guess I subconsciously knew dish was out of touch. MMJ works GREAT for my muscle spasms too, good thing I'm not looking for a regular job anytime soon, or ever
  7. Disgusting, they have a long way to go to be anywhere near Alberta but still ugly to see. I tried looking off the coast of Nairobi for ships didn't see any yet. The skeleton coast is famous for that, amazing landscape. Southern Nairobi looks like $hit because of the diamond industry, stripped land everywhere
  8. http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2015/06/11/3668501/scientists-tar-sands-moratorium/ There's some great links to follow in this article, particularly the deforestation one, in case you can't find the tar sands on Google earth
  9. Seen a news article about a group of 100 Canadian and American scientists who want to put a halt on the expansion of the tar sands extraction. I've been into global warming and environmental issues for a while now and the past few years since I got my iPad looking at satellite images and Google earth. I don't know why I never did but today I traveled over Alberta on Google earth and was appalled!!!!! The northern half has a well drilled darn near every quarter mile in a grid pattern. Several active open pit mines the size of cities and insane amounts of scarred land that was recently stripped. Seen as grey blocks or polygons the size of large counties. Maps with blocks of color saying what's going on is one thing, seeing it plain as day is another. Why are we so stupid to do this to our planet. I understand energy needs but have we lost any sense of moderation? If you have a few minutes it's a pretty scary sight to see, I'd say enjoy but you can't.
  10. Just got back from a little vacation, happened to acquire 1/8 of headband in trade while I was down there. Been a few years but that's one distinct flavor I tell you what! Now I want some sour diesel, hehe
  11. Total sarcasm on the samples. I had an ounce of Death Star about a year ago and thought it was SD at first. Big meaty buds, laid me back every bowl of the bag.
  12. Mmmmm, tasty! At least the headband I got my hands on a few years ago was. It was from Cali though, black market, no clue who grew it and what if anything was sprayed on it. ( Before I moved here and thought about what's in my bag besides buds ) Let me know when my sample is ready for field tests hehe P.S. I'm biased to any strain with that classic sour diesel flavor!
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