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  1. oldirongut

    Legalized Marijuana Use Threatened

    It's back to this ?????
  2. oldirongut

    Legalized Marijuana Use Threatened

    The Dog Is Off The Leash
  3. oldirongut

    Legalized Marijuana Use Threatened

    Sad Day For Us Indeed, All Because Of A Dumb Hillbilly Named Jeff
  4. My wife is a Pharmacist with the St John System, she as many, has a specialized field, Clinical Anti-Coagulation. She works with patients working on their proper dosing of blood thinning drugs, She is not a simple pill pusher as many are not, some are infectious disease specialists. She does not share the MAP views as does many of her co-workers do not. She has not pushed a pill in 20 years.
  5. Aside from law particulars and item bickering, crooked lobbyists, Cops out of control, and all the rest of the items that people disagree on. The winners here are some 180,000 patients who have won a howbeit temporary victory by having meds at their disposal again, Is that not a good thing ?????
  6. If True and I think it is especially being on LARA"S Page , Also In an Associated Press by David Eggert with the same content this would be good news for us all would it not ??......... (only restriction is local Dispensaries have a city license)
  7. oldirongut

    Constant Stream of BS MM Propaganda Lately

    The Whole Article Makes The Trump Team Sound Not Exactly Pro Any Cannabis, But Thanks For Digging Up That Piece B.
  8. oldirongut

    Constant Stream of BS MM Propaganda Lately

    Based On Facts.......I'd Like To Hear Your Good News..... If I'm Wrong Please Enlighten Me............................
  9. oldirongut

    New Patient Openings - Will Pay for Patient Card

    Sidecar.....GregS's post deserves a reply, eh ?
  10. oldirongut

    Constant Stream of BS MM Propaganda Lately

    t.You want bad State news enter Michigan"s LARA mess and LEO's deluxe copper Don Bailey and the other jackleg. You want US Gov news go no further that Trump and Jeff Sessions Plans For The Future of Cannabis. Hard Rain Coming, (Trump Lied During the Election Saying He Was Pro Medical Marijuana. Now He Sides With Sessions)
  11. oldirongut

    The process of getting a card

    At this point in Mi. I read somewhere cards are taking some good amount of time to get ,not within a month
  12. oldirongut

    New Patient Openings - Will Pay for Patient Card

    . Cost about $100 to see a Doctor alone plus all the other costs. he's going to pay all these fees, plus the state. who's paying this ????
  13. Why does LARA act as if they are the sole prosecutors on this issue ????? No one else has come out saying "We" are going to handle this not LARA. My wife is a Pharmacist and LARA governs her license and no one else.
  14. Lara Seems pretty confident they have the power to regulate and close said dispensaries, in fact Don Bailey wanted them shut Sept 15 th, but one member was absent. It seems LARA is intent on doing this. No matter that thousands of patients would be left out and how could that many people find caregivers.?????? Nearly Not Possible. LARA in their brief does not mention of even a possibility of any court or consideration of a dispensary. No talk of singular investigation of any particular dispensary. Just a Blanket statewide shutdown.
  15. Jeff Sessions or Don Bailey. Best of both worlds. I Believe there are 2 LEO's on LARA's Board, Why would this be ? I would support House Rep' (Ann Arbor) Yousef Rahbi's approach as more reasonable and fair.