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  1. cool, I just didn't see it. you can get light blocking out curtin's (liners really, but their white who could tell) at bed bath and beyond 20% coupon. I just soak the for 24 hrs, i use a shot glass. if they sink i put them between damp paper towels, folded and covered. mist when needed. once i see a 1/4 root, i drop them 1/4 down into damp soil, root facing down, in a little plastic pot , cover them with soil, and in a few days i see sprouts, i use T5's for veg and seedlings no problems, led's in bloom helps keep the heat down, am upstairs also. If the seed is good and sinks on soak s
  2. sure, no worries i see it on the way to and from menards.
  3. i saw one on I96 near wixom road
  4. where's the fresh air intake? are you in soil or hydro? is there a temp sensor and humidity sensor, if so what are they?
  5. I germinate in paper towels, then after the 1/4 root appears, i put them in soil and under t5s, i've had no problems.
  6. I use cvs.com, select drug interactions and medical marijuana. Not sure about other drug store websites. I take a few meds on the above list.
  7. I have raynaud's disease and take a med that increases my blood pressure. Wonder how cannabis reacts with this situation?
  8. I just started some Harlequin from seed, regs, so waiting to see what I get, only popped 3 out of 10 so far. so hoping for a lady or two. And can't wait to try the strain.
  9. Personally I have been using cream caramel for 3 years now, I love it. She is a great indica who grows like a sativa, at least the strain I have. All my patience agree, and if you use her for edibles total couch lock. Just my thoughts.
  10. I think your card (the one you thought was lost) is valid until you receive the new card and letter in the mail.
  11. We "humans" seem to be the only animals on the plant that kill our own kind. How can the human race consider themselves evolved?
  12. she might be looking for a bit more cal mag? add for just a few times. just my two cents, but I have seen my lady's do that and cal mag fixed it. But I grow with leds. or could just be normal in flowering as the plant transition from nitrogen to phosphorus. Have you grown this strain before?
  13. Mailed patient change form on 7/29, got card today.
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