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  1. 786 Okay, so it's like this. It may just be because I am retarded, but I cannot find any discussion of how the passage of the new law will impact patients. Long and short, what does this mean? Will medical grade cannabis continue to be available? Do we still need a card, and if so, why? I mean, I know why we needed a card before, but now that it's legalized for recreational use I'm hardly inclined to pay money I don't have for a card I no longer need. What's the practical payoff of renewing my card versus the penalty (in practical terms) of not renewing? Kthxbai
  2. Yes, craigslist, word of mouth..I hear plenty of cgs saying they can't find patients, but then they can't pony up when I need meds. I haven't dealt with anypony here yet. I've come close, and I'm still hopeful, but still looking
  3. Good luck. I can't find a caregiver in the area to save my life, no matter how many times I post that the money I was going to spend on mmj that month is now going to opies and alcohol to take care of the pain until some caregiver realizes what American Currency is and sells me some.
  4. Knock it off. I'm bloody sick of "care"givers moaning that they can't find or keep patients. I waste money at the di$pen$ary every month because "care"givers are, as a group, too incompetent to provide meds to patients. Then, like me, patients take the money they were going to give you and go spend it at the dispensary instead. Or, as I more often do since I cannot afford to buy enough at the di$pen$ary, I spend it on enough opies and alcohol to get me through until my "care"giver discovers some weed growing and sells it to me. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.
  5. I didn't even know this feature existed

  6. That was creepy man... good job. (I like horror)
  7. I apologize for characterizing every cg the way I did (I've met exactly two [2] about whom I'm reserving judgment). (two) (out of the supposed untold thousands in the state) (they might actually come through for me) I never said or thought any of the foolishness you outlined in your post. Nor have I behaved as though I believed those absurdities. You know, literally, nothing about my situation or my dealings with caregivers. I end this post by iterating my apology. My words were clearly written in a great deal of pain, on top of confusion and frustration--still ongoing--and were unfair
  8. ? Wow but...no. Wherever you got that idea, don't trust it as a source anymore.
  9. Middle Earth...would you happen to be Asatru or ASH by chance?
  10. yea i have to get better bad bad days and i cant get cannabis to save my f**** life since apparently every caregiver in the state is a making whoopee lying scumbag doctors experiment with pharm meds is making me confused and pissing myself, literally so until i wash myself and get back to normal everypony can wait
  11. grass, that was a just and wise post. Thank you. brains, the reason I characterized slipstar's first posts to this thread the way I did was because they served only to call the Christian religion into question, which is outside the scope of this thread. If it was just the one about not believing in the existence of sin, that's perfectly in line with the topic and spirit of this thread. To post simply to discredit an entire faith, I feel, is not so in line, and to the observer (me) this suggests less of interest in posting one's viewpoint on sin and its relation--or not--to cannabis, and mo
  12. Thanks grass! It was my pleasure and honor to have been able to serve. Because having seen how they live abroad, I like this country. A lot. It may tinkle me off sometimes, and I see and experience some really disturbing trends in politics; but as Mark Twain observed, patriotism is supporting your country all the time and supporting the government when they deserve it. I don't drink alcohol, but I raise my can of LaCroix in a toast to all my fellow vets, living and dead. Bi salamati! And God (swt) bless us all. kthxAllahhafez.
  13. Me too. I had the misfortune of residing in the infamous Building 39 in VAMC Battle Creek. That place is a nightmare. The criminals running it should be behind bars and the "doctors" need to be fired and prohibited from the practice of medicine for the rest of their lives. Seriously, the "doctors" were some of the most mentally deranged people I've ever met. And to be beholden to them--! I lied my arse off and pretended to be well to escape--because I knew that if I stayed there, by hook or crook I would find a way to kill myself. I can't imagine doing this on top of court appearances!
  14. BBQ cow! Boy that made me hungry, at a time when I have difficulty keeping anything but rice and crackers down. Darn...
  15. I think you mean cite. And... that website is mostly silly. We have our share of idiots, like any group. There is some truth in there, but it's so thoroughly mixed with falsehood and lack of thought that it's useless, perhaps even harmful.
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