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  1. Hey Grass No one will be concealing the firearm , I should have made that clear. My intentions are to have the pistol locked in a nightstand . The garden is locked securley and no one will ever be in possession of flowers and pistol at the same time. There was a home invasion a county over and it really got me thinking about my family while I'm out of town. It's good to hear about the member who had his firearms returned though.
  2. My only concern is being legal , I can't/don't smoke anymore (stupid job) and I am way under my 24 plant count. I'm not worried about my wife handling a pistol , she has grown up using fire arms.And she will be woke by our dog when anyone is close to our house. I guess rather than speculating I should ask a lawyer if a caregiver can have a pistol in a residence with a garden. This is an interesting topic that has brought up valid points and I thank you for the comments.
  3. Hello, I've been trying to find out if I can legally own a firearm and be a caregiver.I've only been able to find laws on concealed carry and patients. I'm at a fork in the road , I'm a cg for two family members who really need medical MJ and ive recently bought a house in the country and have a job that requires me to leave the state a few days a month. I want to know my family could defend themselves if someone were to break in ( not worried about rippers only four people know about my SMALL garden), and I also enjoy providing free meds to family members who genuinely need them. Any he
  4. Google barley seed SST (sprouted seed tea). You can make a better product than hygrozyme for pennies on the dollar. I'm guessing you're an organic gardener check out the buildasoil website. You don't have to buy anything the site is very informative and the owner Jeremy is cool and loves to talk about all things related to soil.
  5. Hello, I'm a caregiver for my uncle with rheumatoid arthritis and a long list of other ailments. I'm new to growing mj but I've been growing veggies organically for a few years now.I look forward to learning and sharing with you all. Does anyone know when og raskal will drop new beans of WiFi? My uncle got some from a dispensary and it worked great for a daytime med.
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