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  1. well boys my experience over the last few years with coco w=has been a wild ride but I think I have a method that works bigger pots bigger plant for sure I like 3footx 3 12 in deep with weekly flushes be fore a weekly feed the key to coco is to run it as close to hydro as possible meaning due to it soil retention capabilities you have to keep the root zone pristine or suffer slow growth the cleaner the better usually if I pull my plants after flower and the roots are white to translucent then I can expect high yield with no pumps
  2. HerbalRx

    Flo og, GDP, Blue Dream

    some pics form my flowering week 7
  3. The truth will set u free in the perfect world we the caregivers would be eligible for some of that research money Because setting up a grow room by yourself with extra money form a 9 to 5 at minimum wage and taking that dream to a 10 plus lights room sounds like a lot of research and development to me
  4. also I forgot to menten that there are some GDP and Blue dream in here as well more pics to come
  5. ok taller plants I ended up supecroping fyi I have excellent air flow and a 5ton with my sentential measure 82 degrees F 4in under the bulb im not to worried to about light-stress caueing seeds also in regards to numbers:1 plant per bed in a room with 14 beds
  6. hello yall this not my first rodeo so I hope I know what im doing tell me what u think I cant be too specific but im running x amount of flo og in 3x3 beds of coco 12in deep under 600, gravita, and 1000 these pi are from week 2 of flower
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