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  1. http://www.syracuse.com/us-news/index.ssf/2015/03/police_michigan_dad_eats_daughters_pot_brownies_thought_he_had_stroke.html Update on the story. A distraught Michigan father called 911 after he accidentally consumed several of his daughter's marijuana-laced brownies. Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe tells ClickOnDetroit that the man thought he was having a stroke. After a brief time in the hospital, the man was released. McCabe continues to tell ClickOnDetroit that the girl acquired the marijuana from a friend and then baked it in the brownies. The Huffington Post reports th
  2. The True Labs of late has been very thick and not working well with the medi-slim style cartridges. Mitten Meds are vaping as smooth as ever in the same unit still. A second preparation of the True Labs I used in old school atomizer (Green Lantern) and enjoyed it quite well I'll admit. On the cartridge angle (as it applies to the medi-slim "disposables") I think I identified a point of failure when the element slowly works its way through the insulating base. It eventually creates a break where the vapor tube runs up the side. Not the end of the world but it blocks the ability to get a vap
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoAqElgR8Do
  4. Is there a noticeable difference in the 16 to the 22 (I round off the numbers)? Great question since there is a $10 per gram price difference. Having sampled both I found the 22 (not the one listed) had a very quick and light headed effect that made me stupid quickly but lasted not so long. The 16 had no punch but lasted quite a while at a consistent tone. That gives me something to think about as I ponder and reflect upon strains I've used in the past for relief and strains I would like to use in the future. If people want less information or discount all information presented to them
  5. This is exactly the type of wording they want. They had to obfuscate "any" so they could "simplify" it with "gaseous infused products" because hell if I don't say that every day.
  6. Hey wow, thanks for all the cool pictures and information. Beyond awesome and informational.
  7. Since there are so many brilliant scientific minds here, I figured I would post this and see the skepticism on these findings and the inevitable back and forth for the latest discovery. Chance to argue something not so emotionally charged, perhaps...
  8. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-31705875 Physicists who detected a version of the Higgs Boson in a superconductor say their discovery closes a "historical circuit". They also stressed that the low-energy work was “completely separate" from the famous evidence gathered by the Large Hadron Collider. Superconductivity was the field of study where the idea for the Higgs originated in the 1960s. But the particle proved impossible to witness because it decays so fast. This new signature was glimpsed as very thin, chilled layers of metal compounds were pushed very close to the bou
  9. Some of the best times I've ever had were by getting in to trouble then...
  10. Our interpretation also does not preclude the medical use of marijuana by ingestion of edible products; 9 to the contrary, that use is authorized by the MMMA, within the statutory limitations, provided that the edible product is a “mixture or preparation” of “the dried leaves and flowers of the marihuana plant,” rather than of the more potent THC that is extracted from marijuana resin. MCL 333.26423(k). Again, we find that judgment of the drafters of the MMMA, in so defining “usable marihuana,” to be an appropriate exercise of their duty to define the parameters of the legal use of marijua
  11. You have it perfectly here. Yes, the person would test both and see if there was a discernible difference. If you receive the relief you need from the 16% and it is cheaper then this might be good information. If the 20% is the one that works best now you know. It is a chance for a comparative analysis based on a quantifiable metric other than smell and sight test. Nothing more and nothing less.
  12. All good but when you cut and paste a section of the law and tell me I need to learn it because I am possibly subjecting myself to $1,000 fine you are doing more than merely giving an opinion.
  13. I feel like this thread is building the "Legalize for everyone so they can decide" platform harder than the medical marijuana one. Without full legalization people aren't free to choose their path of relief. The Government will regulate anything that helps people. They leave lots of things that harm alone, but anything that helps must be regulated. If you know a shot of vodka at 3:30 in the afternoon will help your headache then you can self-prescribe that and the product you use will be fully tested to an exacting standard. Or you can distill your own...no you can't.... If a beer
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