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  1. look for a landrace strain for cbd!!
  2. Yeah same with the juicing. If your going to do it ez into it. its simillar to using wheetgrass, so you have to be carefull about to much chlorophyll intake which is what upets your guts. when u keifed it proly to much adgitation=plant material. I should get tested, have the issues. The oil works wonders..coco oil is better for absorbtion through blood brain barrier...Diff decarb time and temp determin end effect. so you can make some for day time and diff batch for night time!!
  3. $4000 a month.. He is just trying to set himself up for if rec passes. if you go to the web sit of the canibis solutions the name of his co., it tells a story...He is gathering funding for a grow in colorado, and then hopes to bring it back here from what I gather....even less respect after chating with him...dont be fooled
  4. I talked to this guy. And yeah if you read the website for which he is associated its obveouis that he is just trying to set up for the rec. what pisses me off is he doesnt know ANYTHING about growing. And misleads people about how hes trying to make it safer bla bla. Just another in it to try to win it for himself and a few investors..im currently waiting for another reply from him to see if he can answer some ? I sent to him. He just wants to take the $ set up a grow in CO., and hope to bring it hear!!check it out!!
  5. I remember when dispensarys, advertised the product was from calli...WTF, hows that work, or make sense..Anyone that dispenses meds from another state is probly nothing but greedy!! And that doesnt help the way the industry looks, or adds any legitimacy..Disapointing..."It is what you make it". When I owned a "access" shop, everything came from within 15miles of the shop. Ever look at a MMMP report magazine??? In the back there are adds for delivery service ect..Even mail delivery!! I wana know how they can advertise the wax, ediables, hash, and they seem to have no issues.. Just seems
  6. Its still like the "wild west" with this matter......Call me crazy but would it not make sense to form a type of regalatorey "board", like the liquor control commission. In a sence anyways I think. Less the members just being oppointed by the governor....???? The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) was created upon the repeal of Prohibition by the legislature acting in special session in December of 1933. The act creating it empowered the Commission to control all alcoholic beverage traffic within this state. The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor. The mis
  7. There are those that bicker, and there are those that do. Bickering to me is talking in circles which reminds me of arguing with my mother till I want to smash my head inbetween the door jam, and then later in time she ends up with "you were rite". After of coarse seeing what iv seen. I guess seeing is beleiving. Just like the female legislature that opposed MMMP, untill a family brought their young family member to meet her, and showed her the differance. And she said on the news that she changed her mind about MM...I guess ill just do what I can when I can
  8. Yes I agree with you. I do try. And I dont think "the gray area" should have to be masterd. I dont wish, just on bad days i guess.Im a BE ABOUT IT RATHER THEN JUST TALK ABOUT type of person, when I can. Not that others arnt. yeah I dont know.....kinda go by exsperiance and what I see. And I hear ya.
  9. yup in theory. dewaxing into the stainless superchilled vessel works good..as far as evaping the alchol, afterward just cant get that "snap"..Think patients is a vertue...Any recomendations of a inline vapor filter? Like you would put between a pump and degassing chambo..? If its not "rite" always the tincture..
  10. Thank you! Im rite there with ya on the trust thing. I also consult with my doc rather then go by what they say. Otherwise like you said, I would have had multiple surgeries and what not. My doc also over the years has come around. Says im usually rite and just tells me to keep doing what im doing. The nutrition thing is a constant battel. I dont know I seem to be on the "opposite" as everyone elts, their up im down, their down im up..Yeah im familar with OCD, Iv got "severe depresion", good bacteria info! But yeah not usually the issue. Used to deal with hyaidel hernia, some nasty ulcers for
  11. Hi. I cant answer your specific ?. But if you dont mind I was wondering how your doc came to that diagnosis? I have alot of the same issues. The Gastrointestinal stuff alone can/is dibilitating. Along with the mental issues can make you think your crazy! they just say i have an autoimune system problem that could be the start of something, but after 15yrs...Fibromialga also. yeah knowing is half the battle it seems. But when you have so many diff problems at diff times its hard to keep up on everthing to stay healthy. Yeah how did you get your raw genetic data reveiwed and exsplaind to you??
  12. Unfortunately, It seems as of now, You gota be a master of the Gray area. It is what it is currently. Whares the app to change that?lol Is anyone here active in or know those who deal with legislation? just wondering. wish I could or did. "Its all about who ya Know" as with alot a "stuff"
  13. I mean you never know about rullings in the future. Rather be up to par then left in the dust..I know a few things..But always looking to improve, Or I wonder about Research and development legal???? if the product isnt used or for intended use...just testing../
  14. Yeah I do ALOT of reading also just wish more people with exsperiance would could should, be able to come together to talk about protocol, safty and other aspects of this subject to further progress. I mean Thats the real deal med. Having the cronic adhd, I can read something 12times and some days it makes sence others it seems to be no bother. Reading alot latley about tinctures.....
  15. I cant count how many raids that have been executed relulting in NO prosicution. They come in, and destroy a crop, and hassel people. And no charges, no arrests. Just seizure and harrasment. Computers, tvs, and what not I have seen been returned. That Gray area.. WE need to find better ways to show the true voice of this movement..I hate living/feeling of ultimate confusion. When I had a shop, the cops pulled in and parked directly infront of the entry with their lights flashing, sat there for aprox 2-3min then shut em off and pulled away as I was comming outa the shock walking to the door..hm
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