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  1. I got pulled over a few days ago in bloomfield hills. I had a few ounces in the car and they could smell it. They asked if i had weed in the car, i said yes. They asked if I had a med card, I showed it to them. End of story. They didnt ask to see it or even how much I had. They said slow down and have a nice day.
  2. Well i switched back to GH and no more problems. As for the low ph, that was in the wastewater resevoir, that water never touched my plants as i had been hand watering.
  3. Also im using RO water as im on a well and my PPM from the tap is hovering around 700. I get lockout if i use well water
  4. So after cleaning my system out and flushing and draining everything, 4 days later my water is getting nasty again. Ph is below 4 (i use the color vial with the chemical drops) Im draining and cleaning again and switching back to GH. Its gotta be a problem with the H&G line. Never had this problem before. Too bad i spent 500 bucks on that stuff.
  5. Well i spent about an hour on the phone with the house and garden tech support guy out in cali. Super nice guy, no real answers though. He said in 10 years hes never seen a case of slime mold so bad before. He did state that my rez temps are probably on the high side and recommended changing the way i mix my nutes, that the way im mixing them may be screwing up the bacteria count with the PH....however i followed his instructions and the PH was change was nominal. He did say that whatever that stuff is, that its feeding off the beneficial bacteria in the organic component of the H & G line
  6. I think ive ran maybe 6 cycles or so. Ive found that running the additional block prevents the roots from getting into the fill/drain fitting, ive tried a bed of hydroton under the hugo and the roots end up plugging the drain halfway through the cycle and thats no fun to clear out when the thing is 4 feet tall and budding. Plus the buckets are 4 inches taller than the hugo block so the added block sorta evens it all out.
  7. I think the temps are ok? The room is 75 degrees, its nevee neen a problem before anyways. Idk. They are grodan 6" cubes sitting on top of 3"x8" slabs that i cut to fit the pot for added root space. The plants are 2 feet tall right now so bleach isnt an option. It looks like ill be hand watering run to waste style until i crop out and take the system apart. I can still use the resevoirs to catch the runoff and then pump that down the drain. Not sure why this is happening. Ive never had this issue before, its always ran flawlessly. Smh. I never have changed the 3/4" tubi
  8. The roots look great cuz ive been hand watering. No way am i gonna run that gunk through my system. Right now the resevoirs are only collecting runoff and thats whats growing. It doesnt have much of amy smell, under the slimy the water is pretty cloudy.
  9. Its got consitency and color of thick yellow snot
  10. Hi. Long time grower. Been running a ebb n flow bucket system with rockwool for a couple years, nevee had any problems...until now. When my plants are young i put them om a flood table and hand water the rockwool. The runoff drains to the controller which then gets pumped into the resevoirs. I generally purge tye resevoirs when the plants get put into the buckets and then fill the resevoirs with fresh nutes (home n garden aqua flakes) So i was getting ready to purge the res and refill it. I noticed the res is full of stringy slimy goop. I drained it and it clogged my pump. I added 1
  11. After going into my buddys grow room and seeing how BRIGHT it was compared to mine, and all things being equal except my cool tubes vs his open hoods (and my yields being half of his), i purchased a lux meter. Results are shocking: 600 watt hortilux on a flat glass reflector was 88k lux with glass, 85k without meaaured from about 6" away. Cool tubes: new 1000watt hps hortlux 88k lumens. 600 watt hortilux hps 55k lumens. Cool tubes suck!
  12. Does the law still include the rules that to get a license you cant be a medical grower? I seem to remember reading something about that
  13. Hey im running a 24 site ebb n flow recirculating system. Growing in 6 inch rockwool cubes places on top of 3"x 8" slab. Ive ran this setup for 2 years with no problems. 3 days ago my garden looked great. I go in there tonight and 1 of the plants is dead. Like completley dried up and dead. Im a week out from harvest so im not super concerned yet. What would cause that? I thought maybe the roots had plugged the inlet/drain up however the pot filled normally on the flood cycle. Ive never seen anything like this before.
  14. How much do the licenses cost?
  15. The yellowing leaves could be light stress. Thats what happens to my tops whenever i turn my ballasts up to 1000watts. I now run them at 750. Take a look at the leaves farther down. Are they still green? If so then its a light stress issue.
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