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  1. great lakes genetics local MI company nice guy decent prices a few MI breeders gear available there too Mota Rebel Tri Cloud a few others as well Bohdi is top quality gear, available there
  2. 50 day veg plus 50 day minimum in flower yield 3 ozs DTE must have bred that strain
  3. How does that star tonic run? Yields? Stretch? It's 1/2 Deathstar I believe, so if it grows anything like the Deathstar I'm very familiar with it. Can somebody drop some info here please?
  4. looking for the real "The White" Kromes cut Is this strain here in the Enchanted Mitten? Maybe even a good 'white' leaning cut of one of the MANY hybrids?
  5. I think that is the same cut I've been looking for quite awhile now. Does it have a piney type taste or smell alpha Pinene terpenes?
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