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  1. Form of collective communism to stifle someone who is able to have a voice of change u dont even know the parameters of why I want to leave the site but u act as though u r better than me only shows ur ignorance. As well as your conjecture to me wanting to break laws is laughable... typing and speaking to like minded individuals is not illegle anywhere in this country u fuc in joke of a counter culture representative.
  2. Correct wrong place but no I think to have higher standard rules than the state or federal government is worthless. Also if u dont bend the rules you will never have progress... how do u think we got where we r. If u dont have the answer how I leave I say u r just trolling. And hayseed? Most intelligent thing u can say huh?
  3. I can hook u up with 10to.1 ratio cbd/thc right now... only 8 bucks for five lbs of viable seed.
  4. So u r looking for hemp or marijuana?
  5. So the worthless fu cks get 100 posts outta me.. lmao bet I dont get that many before they remove me. Lol. Whats the point of this site? I am a cg and they dont even have grow tech or vent tech or light tech or anything on this...
  6. This dude zap whatever is a right wing as shole to say the least and to see him as a admin or whatever the f u c k disgusts me. That type of guy with more rules than the state or feds just to participate on his site is worse than law... he a fake. So u know how I leave?
  7. My anxiety is directly caused by the federal gov so when it is legalized I think a class action is in order.
  8. How do I remove my user from this forum? I think the admin and most users r from the law side more than the freedom side. Yall act like we didnt break the law for the last 40 years????????? making whoopee sheep.
  9. Btw if u quote text from me do it in a fashion of showing your factual basis not just no its not. Give me reason for your opinion or proof of the actual section or appx # or something...
  10. The dispensary I go to works as a temporary cg. And there r no stimpulations on how long u have to have a caregiver. So what exactly is illegal about it?
  11. Ive been to them and have been in parking lot while police r around and we all still doin r thing so guess it dont make much difference if legal or not then huh?
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