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  1. I can help you. 

  2. Hello all! MMMP cardholder here. I need to find a fit at caregiver.I live in Midland. I am looking for something close to home, but travel is not a deal-breaker. I used to frequent GC3 in Flint multiple times per week. I would be happy to help a caregiver looking to add to their patient list and expand their possibilities. Only looking for professional top shelf growers. I enjoy and appreciate all strains. Post here or PM with inquiries. Thanks for reading.
  3. Well, I got the felony charged dropped to a Misdemeanor posession and High Court Misdemeanor - maintaining a drug dwelling (it was in my car). Sucks but.....better than a felony I suppose. They did me real dirty though. I told them I had my card, but they would not let me go in to my car to show it to them. When they filed out the arrest report they said that I had 2.6 ounces ( because they did not want me to dispute the charge, making it irrelevant if I had a card or not) ..so I plead guilty to the lesser offenses. After I did this. ..they amended the report before my sentencing to show
  4. I am a legal cardholder and was arrested at the Soaring Eagle Casino for marijuana. I had 56 grams (2 oz) and was charged with a felony possession/distribution. They are a "soverign nation"...so basically they can choose what laws to enforce. They decided to disregard state law, and since that property is technically federally granted land, they chose to enforce federal law against me. So to everyone...do NOT bring bud to the soaring eagle. I also got a lifetime ban from the casino. They are not 420 friendly.
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