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  1. This was just a statement about something somebody said and u called the poster an anti and a liar, shame on you rest shame.
  2. You should re-name this site "The zap and resto forum" that would fit better.
  3. . Total bs. Maybe delusional. This sort of thinking is how we have a president trump. Uninformed illinformed, don't know bunny muffin.
  4. I hope. But it still is scary. If your patients have ever shown their card to Leo its on a list, if your CG has had to show their cards its on a list.
  5. And please don't just come back with your a cop.
  6. Resto you are running people off of this site, with your "I am almighty" mentality. Sometimes u sound just like trump, you talk about how good u are and diss everything. It's getting old.
  7. I thought this was a place to ask serious question. It's sad that all anybody gets on here is a dick headed answer. Verry sad.
  8. "Butane hash oil is illegal, said Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis." Is it? This was a commercial building.
  9. I guess my biggest problem is that my card is just a defense and not a garanteed protection. I moved here (not far) to get my card for protection of family. Just feels like that doesn't exist anymore.
  10. You got me resto it was a tantrum I'll admit, I'm sorry. I've been watching to much news.
  11. So what is a card good for if the most disabled can't medicate at home, this mmp is such a joke. I don't think I'll be renewing next time, this sucks.
  12. " They said that the recent law passed by the legislature gives landlords the right to deny such an accommodation request." Yes it will, but it says it doesn't take effect till April 10.
  13. "2 lawyers and the judge were saying something about new rules being passed for landlords having more power for evictions." I don't think those rules take affect till April?
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