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  1. I was on Enbrenl when my symptoms started, the VA put me on Humerus, I got down to Texsux, and the Houston VA told me I don't have RA and took me off my meds when all I wanted was to be put back on Enbrenl. Now nearly two years later still trying to get put back on and my spine pain has progressed to the point I had to quit my job. Not happy.
  2. I am caught in this trap. I was denied SSDI because I can work while taking pain medication per the judge's decision in 2014. Now I am treated like bunny muffin each and every month to get my medicine in order to keep working, per the judge's decision. I have had my medication lowered to the point I am in pain all day everyday and still have to work. This is so messed up, that I cannot live like this much longer. I feel like I am being kept alive solely for the reason of paying taxes.
  3. Yeah, that's not gonna happen as long as I have to keep working. Some people are unfortunate enough to require pain medication because nothing else helps them. It's like my spine is slowly dissolving, and muscles are turning to stone, but alas, you wouldn't understand what it's like unless you've lived it. Cannabis does little for pain, but helps me exercise.
  4. I'll take that as a hard no, it's still illegal in the eyes of our masters. Yet I can drink like a fish and no one cares.
  5. But, is it legal to coadminister with prescription pain medication?
  6. Hey all, I just returned to My home in Michigan after two miserable years in Texas and have to ask if anyone knows the answer to this question: Can I now use marijuana along with my pain medication, or am I still a fkn criminal for doing so?
  7. Semper Fi! Did you spend any time at Camp Lejeune? https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/camp-lejeune-toxic-water-survivors Veterans’ health careIn accordance with the 2012 Camp Lejeune health care law, VA provides cost-free health care for certain conditions to Veterans who served at least 30 days of active duty at Camp Lejeune from January 1, 1957 and December 31, 1987.
  8. Hey guys and gals, If any of you were stationed at Camp Lejeune from 53 to 87, this concerns you, and a hell of a lot of other people. We need to be heard because we have been suffering in silence for too long. If you know of someone who served at Lejeune, please pass along this link to the petition. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/camp-lejeune-toxic-water-survivors Semper Fi Swamper
  9. Well they are up to it again, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb gunning for Kratom, and yes the pharmaceutical companies are deep into his pockets. He has a well documented history of accepting bribes, er payments, from several pharmaceutical giants. Gottlieb received $413,000 in consulting and speaking fees from these pharmaceutical companies between 2013 and 2015.
  10. Want to get elected in Michigan's 2018 election, you had better support legalization.
  11. Any alcohol will work but the quality of the end product is dependent on the quality/strength of the solvent. One of the members here, GrowGoddess, has an excellent blog that covers RSO, Qwiso, and alcohol extraction, i.e., Qwet found here:
  12. Grain alcohol is ethanol, the same that is in all booze except you want 190 proof, 95% ABV if you can get it otherwise 151, or 100 proof. This is what people use when they want a natural product instead of synthesized chemicals.
  13. I forgot to add that I use the oil subliminally and get effects in about 30 min. The tincture itself works good but I have been avoiding it because of the pain it causes to do a sublingual 190 proof grain alcohol. I, also, am not a doctor but I play one in my dreams, so be forewarned.
  14. Nurse Nancy, I too have RA, fibro, and osteo. I have got to tell you what I've just found out. I don't care for the side affect of getting stoned when I need my head for other things so generally reserved use for night time. I also have skin cancer on my face and noticed a new one on my nose, so before I get hacked on and disfigured even more, I decided to try oil on my face. The only problem was were do I get oil? I have a large bottle of Everclear tincture made from ABV, and other odds and ends of leftovers that has been getting built up over the last year , so I figured why not evaporate the alcohol and see what happens. What happened is I now have a nice bit of oil, and let me tell you...it does not get me high in the sense that the other ways of ingestion/use do. It kills the pain very well, leaves me alert and coherent enough to read, write, and understand research papers while here in school, and actually gives me an energy boost, so may not be good for insomnia. I am sooo happy I finally found a method that works for me, because I got little pain relief, and too much brain fog the other ways. I guess the moral of this story is to try different methods/strains until you find one that works. Now to see if I can kill this cancer!! Best of luck and welcome to the community.
  15. If CBD works, and it did nothing for me at 25mg a day, it is well out of my reach. "$2,835 an ounce—more than twice that of pure gold." "It’s challenging for financially strapped patients who must cough up $200 to $300 a month"
  16. How many days after stopping until UA, I have used one drug test kits and it is always 7-8 days for myself.
  17. The CYP1A2, CYP3A4, CYP2C9, and CYP2C19 enzymes are known to be affected by marijuana use. Depending on the drug, serum levels could be decreased or increased if drug is an inducer, or inhibitor, respectivly. The CYP3A4 enzyme is involved in the metabolism of both THC and CBD. Therefore, 3A4 inhibitors may increase serum concentrations of these cannabinoids, while 3A4 inducers may decrease the serum concentrations http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/881059
  18. Trying some Green Crack with CBD isolate sandwiched between budz in the Arizer Air. Happy medicating everyone!
  19. Is this rhetoric or will this actually gain some needed momentum? We will have to take a wait and see attitude. Hurry up and wait that is! http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/05/31/veterans-affairs-david-shulkin-medical-marijuana/80493/
  20. Semantics, it is quasi-legal to use medicinal marijuana.
  21. I still battle with anxiety since my 2 year struggle with benzodiazipine PAWS, anxiety, and sever muscle tension I never had before being prescribed this poison for 6 years of non-stop tension headaches. The problem, I found out 10 years later, was head forward posture, fixed by stretching and chiro adjustments. unbelievable! Anyhow, I have ordered several types of nootropics, one being L-theanine, which I started this afternoon. I mistakenly took about 400mgs instead of the 200-250 recommended, and I cannot believe how well it made me feel. 3 hours later I followed up with 375mgs of DLPA which seemed to really give me another boost, mood wise. Then I went on my evening constitutional where I vaped about 200mgs of Lemon Skunk in my new DynaVap "M," and I feel considerably better than I have in several days if not weeks. Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has had any success with these other "legal" drugs. I hope this is more than a placebo effect, as I have been to hell and back a few times in the past decade and I need some other options rather than what the lab coats push. ~ Swamper
  22. This one's for flower, and I am really diggiin it! They have one that will work with juice also, if that's your thing.
  23. So your telling me this MMMP card I have is worthless?
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