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  1. Methane gas. Good thing I added to my pots before I asked the question. It was fresh oops. I built a sieve using quarter inch fence. Works well. I know someone that has one for a pet. That animal is a poop factory.
  2. I have read that rabbit manure can be added to your garden from pooper to pot. No composting required. Anyone using rabbit manure?
  3. I use Indiana grain alcohol and a rice cooker. I learned to make RSO from Rick Simpson's site. First batch was a flop. This last batch I decarboxylation first by putting the Cannabis in the oven for 4 minutes at 175degrees before I rinsed with alcohol. The final product was good. Best part is rice for dinner
  4. thanks washtenaut! I ran the search you had suggested and came up with some interesting results. Though I did think that it was information on lab rats and mice. then I seen a study done in 2015 with 16 humans. our government conducting some interesting studies. Reschedule it and be done.
  5. Would this be a viable reason to get a medical marijuana card?
  6. You happen to remember the product name of the dry nutes you used?
  7. I have one 78 days in flower. Package read 8 to 9 weeks. Oh well I do like how it keeps adding weight on. I have been watching the trechs. another few days to go.
  8. One plant per light. My plants were in 3gal smart pots. I got 2 plus ounces per plant. I did go back to my old setup of one 600 hps light. The coverage wasn't there with the 2 LEDs in a 4x4 tent.
  9. I'm using tents now 4x4 and a 2x4. I seen that and thought how easy it would be cleaning up after watering. Thanks digitalmixx and grassmatch I'm on the hunt. Hey grassmatch the 9 pound is looking good!
  10. Digitamixx187 where did you find your tray? I like that! Is it made to fit a 4x4 tent?
  11. We can open carry. I gave up my CCW to get a mm card with the understanding that I couldn't have both.
  12. I'm an indica lover. I popped some seeds from reefer mans genetics last week. AFPAC. I like that strain. Makes some potent concentrates. I would like to find a few bricks of Thai stick for old time sake. Lol my passport is still valid. Nah.
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