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  1. I just spoke with Mike Hyde and do to the Federal raids in Montana Cash Hyde supply of oil has been interrupted and now is on very limited supply as result his brain cancer has returned and this will be his 3 rd round and he is only 4 and the parents will not do Chemo Radiation since they seen the benefits of this oil http://www.facebook....t=story_reshare For those who want help save this child life please email me at cannabiscancerproject@gmail.com we have two weeks to get this child a high cbd oil as close to a 1 to 1 ratio as possible This family and child has touched the hearts of many since they came out in national headlines about what this oil has and is doing for there son so please those of you who want to help contact me and lets show the Nation what us cannabis warriors here in Michigan can do
  2. I went through the Peg intron treatment for Hep C 9 years ago and still virus free today and I believe cannabis and RSO are responsible for repairing the damage to my liver caused by the Hep C virus
  3. Almost four years ago Michigan legalized medical marijuana and for the past 2 and 1/2 Years the Michigan Cannabis Cancer Project has been freely providing Cannabis oil to state licensed medical marijuana patients that have been diagnosed with cancer and have chosen to use cannabis oil instead of chemo radiation. As a result of providing cannabis oil made as instructed by Rick Simpson and following his recommended dosage of a gram a day until the cancer is in remission. I have been witnessed to over 15 cases of various cancers being eliminated with only using cannabis oil. I have had the honor of talking to Rick Simpson on several occasions and I believe the world owes Mr Simpson a debt of Gratitude for freely sharing and instructing the world on how to make this oil. At least a couple of Parents I know personaly are deeply grateful to Rick Simpson for sharing this knowlegd one such case is the parents of a 16 yr old diagnosed a year ago in July with terminal brain cancer the spider web type the parents were told that she that she would have about 18 months to live and that chemo radiation could buy her a few more months. After some research and careful consideration amongst the family members they decided to use cannabis oil as instructed by Rick Simpson and only cannabis oil not chemo radiation. Well its been a year now and she has been consuming a gram or more a day for year. The last test results in February showed that we stopped the growth and she has been living life as normal teenager with out loosing her hair and getting sick oh she also passed her drivers training with flying colors along with her DMV road test while consuming a daily dose of cannabis oil. We are anticipating her test results this August. This is just one of the cases the we provided for and have test results that prove that cannabis oil cures cancer eliminates cancer or kills cancer. The Cannabis Cancer Project is committed in discovering and sharing the truth about this oil that is why we go to great lengths to providing this oil free to cancer patients that have chosen and are committed to this form of treatment. But non of this could be possible it were not for people that care and donate to this cause. Just Like Mr Rick Simpson who started it all. If you would like to donate in to this cause you can buy Ricks newly released book or email the cannabis Cancer Project Check out Rick Simpsons newly realeased book Phoenix Tears the Rick Simpson Story and support the cause you can get a copy at http://phoenixtears.ca/buy-phoenixtears-the-rick-simpson-story/ For Caregivers that care such as Peter Otoole can contact me about donations at Michigan Cannabis Cancer Project cannabiscancerproject@gmail.com
  4. I would like to see all building made of hempcrete in future
  5. That Guy also got raided 3 months later and lost a lot but did not get charged
  6. The Card does not protect you from arrest or forfeiture it may protect you from prosecution or charges being filed against you
  7. I Would still mention that your grow was licensed Medical Marijuana in court and take the contempt of court charge so the truth can be heard
  8. where is the meetings on thrurs and sat?

  9. That will not be a problem since the Cannabis Cancer Project will no longer be posting on this site.
  10. How can you know that it is BS if you have not tried them yourself . All I am doing is relaying the results that I have been seeing the last 5 months and these lights sure do solve the problem of heat issues but since you are all offended by me talking about these lights I will remove them from the store.and stop posting.
  11. I use Litro Lights that generate almost no heat and I do not need AC and my yields are the same also my power bill is 2/3 less than last year
  12. http://nugmag.com/2011/07/hash-the-glands-of-the-cannabis-can-pay-for-free-energy-to-everyone-unedited-version/
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