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  1. Still ne and trying to get started now that have my card. can you supply a link on Amazon for grow T5 and Flower T5. The hood I bought came with one that is labeled T5 6400 and I am not sure which is which. Thanks
  2. Can you tell me when the next meeting will take place?
  3. I am trying to keep up. But struggling a little. I want to keep clean and legal. 1. I will be starting by becoming a patient (working on that now), but when I do this, I should state that I will be in possession of my own plants, correct? My intent is to start this process using my own illness (Cancer) and then once I get going, I was thinking of 12 plants, 6 of my strain, 6 for my sons. Once my son switches over, I will then move to 24 plants, 9 for myself, 9 for his, and 6 for my sisters strain (which may be the same I use, we will see as I get further into research.). Once she becomes a patient, I will then go to 36 plants, 12 for me, 12 for my sons condition, and 12 for my sister. Does this sound correct, safe, and legal? This is not about me making money, or losing any for that matter. I came up with this idea to help my family, especially my sister as she is the most severe right now. So there will be no charges per say, we will instead be simply splitting all costs 3 ways and I get a free dinner out now and again for my time and efforts. All thoughts and suggestions are welcome and appreciated, more that you can know. So THANK YOU
  4. Ageed on both counts, and I thank you for that. I hope to go to a compassion meeting soon as well. The more I speak with people on a regular basis, and the more I read, the better I shall become. Abrasive, nope, good advice and direction, fot darn sure. Appreciated, HELL YEAH! Again, I thiank you all and appreciate all support and comments which are helpful and kind.
  5. Thank you for all the input. My son is a patient now with someone, and I will be as soon as I find and see a doctor. I hope to get to one by next week so I can start the process. I will get my sister in as well. My son has had issues with migrane headaches for years, and blackouts, and I am thus far a cancer survivor. My sister who is 60 has just went through Chemo and other treatments for uterine cancer as well and will be a patient when she leaves work in May. She could not get into this as she was afraid of losing her retirement so she is hoping to make it until then. Again, thank you.
  6. Hello all, great to be here. I have been reading a lot these last few days and have a question on becoming a Care Taker. How does one legally get through the induction phase of the process. I mean, if I were to become one, I would need to have a patient before I could start to grow. But I would guess that in the time it takes to grow, a patient would become tired of waiting, going to another provider, leaving me illegal and having to start all over again. How does one legally start out? Also, where does one go to purchase quality seeds to start the process if they are illegal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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