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  1. Governor Whitmer Signs Marijuana Legislation Putting Michiganders’ Health and Safety First July 13, 2021, Governor Whitmer signed legislation that protects the public health and safety of Michigan residents by regulating the intoxicating substance delta-8 THC derivative that is currently being sold – untested and unregulated – in convenience stores, gas stores, and tobacco/smoke shops throughout the state. Starting on October 11, 2021 Starting on October 11, 2021, these products – which were available for sale to individuals of all ages by businesses that cannot currently sell
  2. June 28 (UPI) — Federal regulations on marijuana may “no longer be necessary” as individual states enact their own laws on its use and sale, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in an opinion Monday. Thomas, one of the high court’s most conservative justices, cited what he called the federal government’s “half-in, half-out” approach that “simultaneously tolerates and forbids local use of marijuana” and concludes that federal pot laws and policies may now be obsolete. “A prohibition on intrastate use or cultivation of marijuana may no longer be necessary or proper to support the
  3. June 25, 2021 – Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency – in conjunction with the Michigan Public Service Commission, the Bureau of Fire Services, the Dept. of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, and electric providers in the state of Michigan – today produced and distributed materials to inform Michigan residents growing marijuana in their homes about the best ways to keep themselves, their neighbors, and their community safe while continuing to protect Michigan’s electric grid. Michigan residents with medical marijuana patient and caregiver registration cards have been able to grow a li
  4. DETROIT (FOX 2) – A growing group of Detroiters call for the city to provide reparations. The ballot measure would take funds from legalized marijuana to pay for them. FOX 2: “How many signatures are needed to get this on the ballot?” “A little bit more than 3,600 signatures,” said Todd Perkins, attorney. FOX 2: “And how many do you have?” “We are close to 4,000.” And come November Detroiters may vote on whether the city provides reparations to its African-American residents. “It’s the biggest, blackest city yet you still see an economic divide,” Perkins said. “A gap th
  5. General Motors is having trouble finding employees for two of its busiest assembly plants and the UAW calls for GM to cease drug testing for cannabis. The company is looking to hire 400 temporary employees for its Flint assembly plant and another 275 temporary employees in Fort Wayne. But when the company conducted a job fair in Fort Wayne two weeks ago, it attracted just 60 applicants, or only 22% of the Indiana plant’s needs. While finding employees is an issue plaguing many businesses, UAW officials for GM’s Flint and Fort Wayne plants believe the solution is quite simple — stop tes
  6. “Let’s Do This!” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel shouted at the kickoff of a criminal record expungement fair in Flint on Wednesday. Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist joined Attorney General Dana Nessel, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Congressman Dan Kildee and Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson in Flint for the state’s first expungement event since the governor signed the Clean Slate bills into law. During her 2018 campaign, Governor Whitmer made expungement for marijuana convictions one of her key priorities. Upon taking office, Governor Wh
  7. The Michigan House has passed legislation that would close a loophole allowing the sale of unregulated THC products. Currently, some products use THC from marijuana, but are not regulated the same way. A new bill, HB 4517, would expand Michigan’s definition of marijuana to include THC, regardless of whether it is artificially or naturally derived. The new legislation would define all THC products as marijuana, making them subject to the same testing and regulations. Michigan legalized medical marijuana back in 2008, and recreational marijuana 10 years later in 2018. The new
  8. A Lansing man is suing five police officers, Ingham County and a confidential police informant for what he says was a mistaken identity arrest. The five officers — four from Michigan State Police and one from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office — were working with a confidential informant who told them a man named Al Jessup could sell him heroin and cocaine, according to a police report. According to the lawsuit, the informant lied to police about the seller’s identity and police were “reckless” in relying on the information. Police bought drugs twice from a man they believed to b
  9. A federal judge in Detroit heard arguments Thursday in a legal battle that has halted the processing of applications for recreational marijuana businesses in the city. U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman last month ordered Detroit to temporarily stop processing applications amid a lawsuit that argues a provision of a new city ordinance regulating recreational pot operations gives unfair preference to longtime residents deemed legacy Detroiters. Friedman granted the preliminary injunction in favor of Crystal Lowe, a resident and prospective marijuana business operator, who sued the
  10. HOUSE BILL NO. 4085 (2021) February 02, 2021, Introduced by Reps. Cynthia Johnson, Tyrone Carter and Jones and referred to the Committee on Tax Policy.A bill to amend 1937 PA 94, entitled “Use tax act,” (MCL 205.91 to 205.111) by adding section 4ii. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT: Sec. 4ii. (1) The tax under this act does not apply to the storage, use, or consumption of marihuana and marihuana-infused product by a registered qualifying patient. (2) As used in this section, “marihuana”, “marihuana-infused product”, and “registered qualifying patient” mean those
  11. The 420 Canna Expo is the Nation’s premier event for everything cannabis and hemp. The 420 Canna Expo is the Nation’s premier event for everything cannabis and hemp. Stimulating and comprehensive presentations that are up to minute on health, science, horticulture, business growth and complex laws are designed to attract the largest gathering of attendees, cannabis companies and service providers found anywhere in Michigan! WHERE – WHEN? Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort (Mt. Pleasant) Friday, June 4, 2021 4pm – 11pm Saturday, June 5, 2021 Time: 9AM – 6PM STARTI
  12. Executive director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency, Andrew Brisbo, announced a new legislative importance, that the state bring Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids under the same regulatory framework as Delta-9 THC. HB4517 The eight bills, led by HB 4517, and sponsored by Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D- Ann Arbor) and Rep. Jim Lilly (R-Holland), would revise the definition of Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) more commonly so that not only Delta-9 THC is covered but any THC product the MRA determines has a potential for abuse. House Bill 4517 Summary The legislation experienced accolad
  13. See what your “politicians” are trying to sneak through with legislature regarding Cannabis, CBD, Hemp and Delta8 as well as the manipulation of voted in laws. The list below is the result of a search in the Michigan legislature using the word Marijuana. Click the link and look for the bill summary or read the bill in detail. DocumentTypeDescriptionS.B. 0014 of 2021Senate Introduced BillCriminal procedure: jurisdiction; venue for prosecution of delivery of a controlled substance causing death; modify. Amends sec. 317a of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.317a). TIE BAR WITH: SB 0015’21S.B. 0041 of
  14. Mexican lawmakers have failed to meet a Supreme Court deadline to end marijuana prohibition after spending months going back and forth on a legalization bill that passed both chambers of Congress in differing forms. The result is a lot of uncertainty. The court first deemed prohibition unconstitutional in 2018, ordering legislators to enact a policy change. And while there’s been progress in drafting and advancing legalization legislation in the years since, senators repeatedly requested deadline extensions that the court granted. This session, it seemed like the reform would finally b
  15. New Criminal Record Expungement Laws in Michigan went into effect on April 11, 2021. The eligibility to get records set aside varies and confuses many of those looking to get it done. The government has released many help programs but it might be wise to have a lawyer assist you. Criminal record set asides (sometimes referred to as “expungement”) can help individuals to have the opportunity to find jobs and affordable housing. A “clean slate” can help strengthen families, communities, and the chance to make a better life. Setting it Aside Setting aside a conviction is the proc
  16. Here they come…. MOUNT CLEMENS — Mount Clemens is one step closer to adopting a medical marijuana caregiver facility ordinance. At the April 5 Mount Clemens City Commission meeting, one item up for discussion was introducing and reading the ordinance, which was approved in a 4-2 vote. Its April 19 meeting, after press time, was set for when the ordinance adoption could happen. Commissioners Ron Campbell and Laura Fournier voted no. Commissioner Denise Mentzer was absent from the meeting. In November, the commission adopted a resolution establishing a moratorium on issuance of an
  17. The SAFE Banking Act, which would create a legal safe space for banks and financial institutions to engage in business relationships with state-licensed and regulated cannabis commerce. See the roll call and data of the vote here. The SAFE Banking Act is a first step in ensuring that state regulated markets can operate openly in the banking system. Still according to federal law these state markets are running a criminal enterprise as marijuana is still (as of 4/20/21) on the controlled substance list as a CS1. As politicians keep making promises they never keep, as the war on dr
  18. Biden Is Too Busy To Decriminalize Marijuana, VP Harris Says. Oh really – Cause there’s your money grab. More news links about Cannabis from Marijuana Moment / TOP THINGS TO KNOW Vice President Kamala Harris, in her first public marijuana comments since the election, essentially said the Biden administration is too busy to follow through on its campaign pledges to decriminalize cannabis and expunge records “Honestly, right now, we’ve been focused on getting people food, helping them stay in their apartments or in their homes, getting kids back to school, getting shots in
  19. If other South Carolina senators move to block a bill to legalize medical marijuana, its sponsor said on Tuesday that he would use his power to stop every other piece of legislation on the chamber’s calendar in protest. “We’re going to get this bill passed,” Sen. Tom Davis (R), who filed the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, said at a press conference with supporters. “And if there are some up on the Senate floor that are still in this reefer madness, drug war mentality and block and stand in the way of this bill, I will exercise my rights as a senator to respond in kind to every sing
  20. An independent federal agency cited a Michigan credit union for failing to comply with marijuana banking regulations and ordered the financial institution to stop opening new cannabis accounts. American Banker reported that the case involving Live Life Federal Credit Union is believed to be the first time U.S. regulators have publicly penalized a financial institution that handles cannabis accounts. But that couldn’t be immediately verified. The National Credit Union Administration’s cease-and-desist order, though, does underscore that financial institutions must remain vigilant about
  21. What do you get when weed-loving rapper Snoop Dogg, right-wing billionaire Charles Koch and criminal justice reform advocate Weldon Angelos walk into a Zoom room? The Cannabis Freedom Alliance, a new coalition launching Tuesday that could change the dynamics of the marijuana legalization debate, as first reported by POLITICO. The organization includes Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers; the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank; marijuana trade organization the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce; and The Weldon Project, a nonpro
  22. Below are links to various Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) news releases, updates, financials, stats, FAQs and more. Marijuana Regulatory Agency Links Marijuana Regulatory Agency Adult-Use MarijuanaSocial Equity (Adult-Use Marijuana)Medical Marijuana Facilities LicensingMichigan Medical Marijuana Program (Patients/Caregivers)Applications and FormsMRA BulletinsMedical Marijuana Licensing Board and Marihuana Advisory PanelPanel & Public Hearing NoticesLaws, Rules, Bulletins, Grants & Other ResourcesFrequently Asked QuestionsContact MRAVerify a LicenseFile a Complaint
  23. Planet Green Trees TV is for the 2nd year hosting a Hash Bash digital event on the 50th annual day of the historical event. Last year Planet Green Trees TV hosted the first virtual Hash Bash 2020 event due to Covid19 and the fear of a pandemic. It was thrown together last minute This year we are broadcasting another event on Saturday, April 3, 2021 from 11am to 10pm. There will be entertainment, special guests, music and more. See more information and links on PlanetGreenTreesTV.com
  24. She was accused of being high as a kite and smoking dirt weed. The complaint against her was an alleged OWI (Operating While Intoxicated/ Under the Influence or a Controlled Substance). What Happened? She had just ran front end into a utility pole after hitting the gravel on the shoulder and losing control of her older vehicle. The front airbags went off and she was violently jerked around minutes ago. Her face was bruised and she was on the cusp of a possible concussion. A few minutes later she was summoned from the ambulance and amongst all the emergency personnel activity and flashi
  25. Don't believe the media - Read it here. Form your own opinion. Text - H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress
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