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  1. Biden Is Too Busy To Decriminalize Marijuana, VP Harris Says. Oh really – Cause there’s your money grab. More news links about Cannabis from Marijuana Moment / TOP THINGS TO KNOW Vice President Kamala Harris, in her first public marijuana comments since the election, essentially said the Biden administration is too busy to follow through on its campaign pledges to decriminalize cannabis and expunge records “Honestly, right now, we’ve been focused on getting people food, helping them stay in their apartments or in their homes, getting kids back to school, getting shots in
  2. If other South Carolina senators move to block a bill to legalize medical marijuana, its sponsor said on Tuesday that he would use his power to stop every other piece of legislation on the chamber’s calendar in protest. “We’re going to get this bill passed,” Sen. Tom Davis (R), who filed the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, said at a press conference with supporters. “And if there are some up on the Senate floor that are still in this reefer madness, drug war mentality and block and stand in the way of this bill, I will exercise my rights as a senator to respond in kind to every sing
  3. An independent federal agency cited a Michigan credit union for failing to comply with marijuana banking regulations and ordered the financial institution to stop opening new cannabis accounts. American Banker reported that the case involving Live Life Federal Credit Union is believed to be the first time U.S. regulators have publicly penalized a financial institution that handles cannabis accounts. But that couldn’t be immediately verified. The National Credit Union Administration’s cease-and-desist order, though, does underscore that financial institutions must remain vigilant about
  4. What do you get when weed-loving rapper Snoop Dogg, right-wing billionaire Charles Koch and criminal justice reform advocate Weldon Angelos walk into a Zoom room? The Cannabis Freedom Alliance, a new coalition launching Tuesday that could change the dynamics of the marijuana legalization debate, as first reported by POLITICO. The organization includes Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers; the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank; marijuana trade organization the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce; and The Weldon Project, a nonpro
  5. Below are links to various Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) news releases, updates, financials, stats, FAQs and more. Marijuana Regulatory Agency Links Marijuana Regulatory Agency Adult-Use MarijuanaSocial Equity (Adult-Use Marijuana)Medical Marijuana Facilities LicensingMichigan Medical Marijuana Program (Patients/Caregivers)Applications and FormsMRA BulletinsMedical Marijuana Licensing Board and Marihuana Advisory PanelPanel & Public Hearing NoticesLaws, Rules, Bulletins, Grants & Other ResourcesFrequently Asked QuestionsContact MRAVerify a LicenseFile a Complaint
  6. Planet Green Trees TV is for the 2nd year hosting a Hash Bash digital event on the 50th annual day of the historical event. Last year Planet Green Trees TV hosted the first virtual Hash Bash 2020 event due to Covid19 and the fear of a pandemic. It was thrown together last minute This year we are broadcasting another event on Saturday, April 3, 2021 from 11am to 10pm. There will be entertainment, special guests, music and more. See more information and links on PlanetGreenTreesTV.com
  7. She was accused of being high as a kite and smoking dirt weed. The complaint against her was an alleged OWI (Operating While Intoxicated/ Under the Influence or a Controlled Substance). What Happened? She had just ran front end into a utility pole after hitting the gravel on the shoulder and losing control of her older vehicle. The front airbags went off and she was violently jerked around minutes ago. Her face was bruised and she was on the cusp of a possible concussion. A few minutes later she was summoned from the ambulance and amongst all the emergency personnel activity and flashi
  8. Don't believe the media - Read it here. Form your own opinion. Text - H.R.1 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): For the People Act of 2021 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress
  9. It’s a good day If you are on probation… You know the rules… No consuming illegal drugs especially marijuana. But according to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act your doctor recommended use of medical marijuana in the State of Michigan if you are a qualified patient you can not be penalized. “A qualifying patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card is not subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege…” the act states “Therefore, a court cannot revoke probation upon the use of medical marijuana that otherwise
  10. The Biden DOJ takes IRS side in marijuana 280E tax fight, arguing that state-legal cannabis businesses CAN be investigated by the IRS for probable violations of Section 280E of the tax code. The Feb 2021 release of the filing was made by DOJ attorneys, led by acting Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar. It is believed to be one of the first times the U.S. Department of Justice under the new administration has filed an opinion in a marijuana court case. “That is precisely the federal government’s position and has been for many years,” Thorburn said. “We were hoping that the Biden ad
  11. Medical marijuana patients have had their doctor recommended use of cannabis while on probation in limbo for a long time. Lead trial attorney and advocate for marijuana law reform Michael Komorn and his dedicated team of attorneys (specifically Ally McCormick) secured a victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals for Medical Marijuana Patients As many battles for marijuana patients, caregivers and business clients represented by the Komorn Law Firm loom in the background – a decision has been made to set the tone for future cases involving those on probation. HERE ARE THE KEY
  12. Judges can’t prevent people from using medical marijuana while on probation for a crime, the Michigan Court of Appeals said. Anyone holding a state-issued medical marijuana card is immune to possible penalties, the appeals court said, 3-0. Michael Thue was barred from using medical marijuana while on probation for a year in a road rage incident in the Traverse City area. A District Court judge said the marijuana ban was the policy of Circuit Court judges in Grand Traverse County. Circuit Judge Thomas Power declined to hear an appeal. The appeals court said Power made the wrong call
  13. Komorn Law Victory for Medical Marijuana Patients in Michigan Court of Appeals Medical marijuana patients have had their doctor recommended use of cannabis while on probation in limbo for a long time. Lead trial attorney and advocate for marijuana law reform Michael Komorn and his dedicated team of attorneys (specifically Ally McCormick) secured a victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals for Medical Marijuana Patients As many battles for marijuana patients, caregivers and business clients represented by the Komorn Law Firm loom in the background – a decision has been made to set the
  14. The City of Detroit has opted-in to the recreational marijuana business. To ensure that long-term Detroit residents secure a place in the cannabis industry. City Councilman James Tate created the Detroit Legacy Program. A social equity program that was passed as part of the Detroit City Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act opt-in ordinance. This is one of the most ambitious attempts to ensure that the end of cannabis prohibition benefits the very communities that were so disproportionately targeted by the Drug War. The new ordinance mandates that half of all cannabis
  15. November 18 Marijuana Regulatory Agency Announces Social Equity Program Application Now Online 12 MRA’s Social Equity Program Announces November Business Resource Workshop, Featuring Sozo Companies and Lakeshore Legal Aid 12 Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency Becomes Founding Member of the Cannabis Regulators Association October 26 MRA’s Social Equity Program Announces its October Business Resource Workshop featuring Ypsilanti and Grand Rapids 14 MRA’s Social Equity Program Announces October Education and Outreach Session September 24 N
  16. Sorry Michigan…It’s not you Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced that state officials in 2020 expunged the criminal records of an estimated half-million Illinois citizens previously convicted for marijuana-related crimes. The Governor said that the pace of the expungement process was well ahead of schedule. He also announced having personally pardoned over 20,000 low-level cannabis conviction records More States with Expungements California *ColoradoDelawareHawaiiIllinois *MarylandMassachusettsMichigan (LOL)New Hampshire **New Jersey *Nevada ***New York *North Dakota
  17. The MRA has released a bulletin outlining the requirements for the Annual Financial Statement FY 2021 for adult-use establishment licensees and the required report that must be utilized by certified public accountants engaged to perform the agreed upon procedures. The bulletin may be found here and the Adult-Use Annual Financial Statement form report may be found here. More From The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency Click here to view the 30 min Q&A with MRA Executive Director Andrew BrisboMRA Releases Administrative RulesCOVID-19 Updates and InformationThe Market for and Economi
  18. Gateway Proven Strategies Announces Cannabis License Procurement Services for 5 New Legalized StatesJanuary 13, 2021The company is offering cannabis license consultations for Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and Mississippi.Mexico’s Health Ministry Publishes Medical Cannabis RulesJanuary 13, 2021The move will allow pharmaceutical companies to start conducting medical research on cannabis products.Group Tries Again to Place Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Measure on North Dakota’s BallotJanuary 13, 2021Legalize ND refocused its efforts on the 2022 election after the COVID-19 pandemic
  19. What can a city do on its own to change cannabis laws in a state where it remains illegal for recreational use? City leaders in Madison, Wisconsin, decided to find out this fall. And as it turns out, you can do quite a bit. Keep in mind that Madison is a city located in a state and a nation where possession of cannabis is illegal. And Wisconsin is particularly stringent. The state allows only CBD products for medical use. According to marijuana law information maintained by cannabis advocacy group NORML, that state can arrest anyone for possessing any amount of weed. The first offense
  20. We get asked a lot of questions all day long and can only address so many at a time. The MMMA is not a law firm and we only give answers that can be verified by reviewing current laws on the Michigan Legislature Website. It is up to the reader to research and confirm any and all information as well as consult an attorney before acting on any of these answers or really anything you come across on the internet. FAQ: How long is my pistol training certificate good for in Michigan? FIREARMS (EXCERPT) Act 372 of 1927 28.425j Pistol training or safety program; conditions; prohibited con
  21. Marijuana growing and processing operations may be subject to Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) regulations. The following is a summary of environmental regulations that apply to cannabis cultivation and processing. It is the responsibility of the licensee to comply with all applicable regulations. If you need assistance in understanding the environmental regulations or how to achieve compliance. PROTECTING MICHIGAN’S AIR EGLE ensures that Michigan’s air remains clean by regulating sources of air pollutants to minimize adverse impact on human health and
  22. News and Information fed to you by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association. West Michigan Dispensary Owner Fears OversaturationDecember 21, 2020Born and raised in Muskegon, Greg Maki was the first to open recreational cannabis dispensaries in Muskegon, Ottawa and Montcalm counties. While many businesses ground to a halt during 2020, the cannabis industry continued to grow […]Grand Rapids Cannabis Center First Owned By City Resident From Social Equity ProgramDecember 21, 2020Grand Rapid’s first locally-owned recreational marijuana shop is holding a drive-through grand opening this weekend
  23. UPDATE 12-4-20: The House endorsed a landmark retreat in the nation’s decades-long war on drugs Friday, voting to remove marijuana from the federal schedule of controlled substances and provide for the regulation and taxation of legal cannabis sales. The vote was 228-to-164 and marked the first time either chamber of Congress has voted on the issue of federally decriminalizing cannabis. The Dem controlled House of Representatives is set to vote on marijuana (cannabis) legalization at the federal level on 12/4/20. This the first time any chamber of Congress has addressed on the matter of ma
  24. The enactment of statewide laws legalizing and regulating the use and sale of marijuana by adults is not associated with an uptick in cannabis use by young people, according to data published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. A team of investigators affiliated with Boston College analyzed marijuana use data from a nationally representative sample of more than one million high-school students over an 18-year period. Authors “found no evidence that RML [recreational marijuana legalization] was associated with [an] increased likelihood or level of marijuana use among adolescents. Rathe
  25. A United Nations commission voted to remove marijuana for medical use from a list of the most risky narcotics, such as heroin. A United Nations commission voted on Wednesday to remove cannabis for medicinal purposes from a category of the world’s most dangerous drugs, a highly anticipated and long-delayed decision that could clear the way for an expansion of marijuana research and medical use. The vote by the Commission for Narcotic Drugs, which is based in Vienna and includes 53 member states, considered a series of recommendations from the World Health Organization on reclassifying
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