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  1. Wow you guys are amazing, truly. The city had an inspection due for my rental home for a furnace certification and the garage was paved. When she saw my grow she got rude, told me if I had more than 12 plants I was considered a home based business and the city didn't allow that. She also said I was in code violation because of not having a locked door to my basement (fair enough) an extension cord coming from my kitchen downstairs. And that I needed an egress window in the basement. Anyone recommend a good lawyer to use, I'm probably going to need it
  2. Update to this. I spoke with the city for clarification. It's if you have more than 12 plants and have patients, they deem you a home business, which they city doesn't allow. Still can't figure out why I'm being messed with, but I'm fully legal. Time to find another place to live I guess :/
  3. Hey all, not new to the forums, professional lurker. To cut right to it, I'm renting a house in eastpointe, my rental company is or was cool with my grow as long as I was legal. I've got my 12 girls going no problems, but I got a very rude city inspector who said because I have 2 tents it looks like a big grow op, and that the city had some law that makes having more than 12 plants illegal. Essentially it would make me a business or something, and I need permits etc etc. Been growing for years prior to moving no problem ever, now out of nowhere this. Anyone have anything similar h
  4. I will probably just have them wire the box in directly to the power wire, and skip the outlet portion. Have a guy coming to give me a quote tomorrow.
  5. Sad news, I don't have a 240v dryer outlet like I thought. So I do need someone to run a power wire in, and up to the box I"m ordering from DXHydro. Making a few local calls today and tomorrow, but no luck yet.
  6. I have a 1/10hp now, just for my cloner, but I'll be grabbing a 1/4hp one just to be safe. I only plan on running 1 single 17 gal DWC container and my cloner. I have 2 wort chillers to plop in the cooler, and using my small 132 or 256 pumps I'll push water through them with a temp controller in the res's. It should be way easier to keep my temps down using the cooler to hold about 10 gallons of water. Plus my chiller will be in another room, with heat being exhaust outside.
  7. Going this route 99% sure. I've talked to him today, got a reply within a few hours. Told him what I wanted, and had, he made some suggestions and we're rolling. I'll have to post pics and such if I go this route, since I'm already documenting my stuff via Youtube and Instagram. I even have a friend who's going to get something from him if mine works well, so that's a plus too. I appreciate the suggestion!
  8. The chiller actually is going to be cooling my DWC setups soon. For now though it will only have to deal with the cloner and 1 single rez to cool. It does not run much now actually. Never been a fan of the domes, but I'm sure it beats the hell out of carrying that heavy donkey thing full of water. I should note I'm in Eastpointe, might make things a tad easier if the lighting controllers don't work out linked above. Wish I'd have thought of something like that! I emailed them about a lighting controller, that would be absolutely perfect for my situation. I can safely handle everyt
  9. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been on the site, last time I was here with the same issue. Needed to add more power, and even had a guy come look at it etc. Won't give any sort of details, but we passed on everything at the time and down scaled things for a bit etc etc. So on to the fun stuff, I'm looking for someone who can add 2 more breakers to the main panel (if it's possible, 20 amp breakers) and re wire 2 more to be dedicated to just the basement. Hell even bump those to 20 amp breakers. All in all I need to safely be able to run 5k or so worth of stuff. I'll lay out wh
  10. Well they requested a specific strain, from having a bit prior. So I figured it couldn't hurt to see what some of y'all have. I'm going to poke around some of the sites for a seed, at least until I can find a clone.
  11. As the title says I want to find a clone/seed of Blackberry Kush for a patient of mine. I've seen it around a few times, and didn't grab it when I had the chance. I have some stuff to trade Dutch passion Blueberry THC bomb Widow bomb (may have to cut more) Cherry bomb (not rooted yet)
  12. THC Bomb 2 weeks into DWC buckets if anyone is interested in how they look. Up to 1400ppm food wise, and just turned the co2 on. I have one in Coco that just went into flower today, the big bushy one in the 2nd picture. Not sure if my Cherry bomb clone is going to make it, may have clipped it to early. Widow bomb rooted all 5 in a weeks time, I'll be doing those in buckets tomorrow.
  13. Thc bomb in the 4 buckets, and the shrub looking one in the middle of the buckets. The cherry bomb, blueberry, and widow bomb are on the other end.
  14. Thc bomb in the 4 buckets, and the shrub looking one in the middle of the buckets. The cherry bomb, blueberry, and widow bomb are on the other end.
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