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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Wild Bill nailed it also as so did grassmatch. I took a clone and didn't rinse the entire plant. Although it was a very big clone (pic below) I not only should have rinsed the soil before switching it into one of my RDWC undercurrent set up, I should have done what wild bill said and cleaned the whole plant. Well last night I quietly with much stealth moved the entire RDWC setup outside minus the lights of course into a make shift greenhouse I built using 6 2" PVC pipes wrapped with 3ml clear plastic!!! I was able to borrow an ozone machine and a a 40lb C02 tank. My plants are outside in the ghetto green house and the C02 tank (GOOD CALL GRASSMATCH) is currently filling my grow room with the ventilation off. I'm going to let it run until it triggers the C02 alarm that's outside the fake sealed door going to the grow room through what's now just a small closet only holding a few winter coats which also has a regular door on it. I don't have a meter but once it creeps through the fake wall door & closet door which is weakest part of the rooms seal because the rest is lined with a layer of 4 mil moisture barrier, 2" foam insulation board, then some diamond pattern anti IR mylar type material that's pretty thick but obviously the door is the weak spot so once it creeps past the fridge seal I ran around it & alarms I'm going to turn off the breaker that's controlling the cracker so it stops. Just going to leave it like that while I take all my plants one bucket at a time & dunk them in a clean new 36 gallon trash can filled with ozonated water. They are all very small still as the one in the picture is the biggest right now. My friend said if you dunk the plants upside down in the ozonated water (if they are still small enough) I guess it makes all the mites let go and drown or die. He said it works so I'll see. Then after I'm done with that I should be able to turn on my vents at the breaker, super charge my nutrient solution by ozonating it and reassemble everything inside when it gets dark. I hope it works..
  2. Thanks for the info, hey BTW have either of you guys are seen that guys info who sells seeds on here named xxxxx? His email address was right in an email message I got from this website. I just ask because the dude said he was based in Maryland and wanted $10 a seed, wouldn't answer any questions about if they were feminized, every reply he just kept asking how many I wanted, when I asked if he had a list he just gave me a dozen common names. Just wondering if anyone here has messed w or knows him. Told him I wanted a dozen, he said $120 plus $20 for guaranteed shipping or something like that. I never replied after that, I can get beans that come in their original packaging from Barney's for less with all kinds of freebies if I spend $120. Plus why would anyone in the USA be worried about shipping? Once it's in country your all good right? idk, figured I'd ask because when I posted this question as a new topic on this MMA site it was gone the next day..
  3. You nailed it bro, I took one singular clone from someone because of the strain right. It was in soil, I laced the soil with Protekt for a week in a home made air pot and then rinsed the roots & dropped it into my RDWC ring. BUT, I never rinsed the whole plant, just the roots. Since in ten years of indoor, I've never had mites either. Once I read your reply I thought about it and totally forgot how those little gentlemen hang out and thrive on the bottom parts of the leaves. I'm going to trash the whole room, CO2 everything to death like you said. I have a couple CO2 detectors that beep when levels are poisonous throughout my place. If I bottle the room thick will it kill just the mites or you think I should just use a couple of those SOP tapes? The plants just seem tainted to me now. lol Yeah about that CO2 laced water, well a friend of mine works down the street at 711 on 3rd shift. Well one of her jobs when they put in a new C02 system was to run the lines clean I guess. She did it without any of the syrup boxes connected so after the first few seconds she was just wasting carbonated water. So I figured all that C02 mixed with culligan filtered water (idk how good their filter system is) could find a use somewhere. So I took four five gallon buckets that were new and clean with lids and filled them. I'm one of those people who hates to waste and figured eventually I might find a use for it. If not it was free. Just seems like a lot of C02 going to waste. Thanks for the reply
  4. Hello, I seen your post. I have an indoor grow room that I built to be basically as clean as a surgical room running hydroponics with a very stern water treatment method to make sure nothing but good stuff is flowing around at 67'F in the water. I use 2 1k hps lights and have my intake and exhaust both on the same 6 inch metal vent pipe using Y fittings at both ends. I have a 750 CFM inline fan AFTER the two lights and on the exhaust end of the tube I have another 750 CFM at the end in a Y fitting exhausting both the room and lights out one pipe. I also created another 7" intake giving myself a total of 13 inches of intake to 6 inches of 750 CFM exhaust with a 36" carbon filter muffler at the very end before going outside. The room is only 7'X7'x9' so the positive air exchange is awesome. Hepa filters on both intakes with just bug screening on the exhaust. I STILL SOMEHOW GOT SPIDER MITES and am looking to try something new to add to my rotation. I will post my entire grow journal with pictures if you'd like. But I'm very interested in trying some out!
  5. Someone from this site tried to rip me off

  6. Wow what a coincidence, I bought a deal off Bonza last October called the "Dirty Dozen" where if you bought & spent so many $ worth they hooked you up with twelve free feminized seeds. One of which was a TGA subcool feminized pill. I'm not sure what strain exactly, the little bag w/ sticker just says TGA Subcool with numbers. If I remember the strain I think is called Cinderella 99 but it might not be. All I know is that I had one single feminzed big fat juicy CHEMDAWG X Headband male then that X Big Bud female and one single big fat turtle in a half shell White Rhino x Big Bud AND LOST BOTHJ OF THEM LIKE A SHMUCK!! So I'm moving on to my next mother being the Cinderella 99 / TGA Subcool. But in my work area that looks like a combination of a back room at a Best Buy Geek Squad work area trashed with the floors covered in screws + a very messy small engine repair shop / woodworking shop and this is where my stupid donkey decided to get these seeds ready. After digging them out of there hiding spot, one I opened the package and dropped to be never seen again and the Chemdawg I sat out while grabbing other stuff, got sidetracked for a minute and literally wiped it off the glass counter as I was wiping everything clean with rubbing alcohol TO PLANT THIS PRECIOUS SEED! So disappointed in myself. Am going to start a spring cleaning tomorrow and hopefully after some very carefull sweeping and sorting one will turn up. The Chemdawg Headband seed was super fat like it wanted to explode so telling dif will be easy. I just hope it didn't find it's way into some moisture & get ruined or crushed. Yeah I put out a dozen pineapple chunk clones in late April that I started at the end of winter on the gas lantern light schedule. Yesterday night I went and topped all of them for a third time. I just hope some idiot who threw all the seeds from some mid grade into the grounds male doesn't pollinate these ladies. It's happened before with no herm's found so I'm assuming someone had a male growing around here somewhere. There were only about 5 seeds per 1/2 oz so it wasn't that big of a deal. Lotta people said the seeds grew almost all female plants to. I have one pineapple chunk in a bucket that I'm going to bring indoors to make some feminized seeds trying out some of that Tiresias Mist knockoff called Lady Pollen I got from someone. Dude swore it worked just like the original and I need to start taking a branch from each run and getting a monster bud of feminized beans fresh for the future.
  7. And yes, I'm not an idiot, I would rather pay an electrician $50 or buy him a case of beer to glance everything over and tell me its right instead of paying one because I do my own stuff. Fix my own cars, lawnmower, shingle my own roof, etc. If it's something that could kill me or hurt me I always have it looked at before ever putting a breaker into the panel. But when it comes to simple grow lights, not everyone wants some electrician they don't know seeing their setup. But since two friends of mine are licensed electricians I always have them glance over something before I apply power. If they aren't around I'll send them video. After so many projects you just learn. Screw paying some stranger $ to do anything unless I can't do it myself. Like suspension work because I don't have a press or transmission work because I've never learned. Anything else is DIY in my opinion.
  8. Well since there was a positive, negative, and a screw for the copper unshielded wire that was running through the 10/3 wire & the directions said to hook it up this way, & it works perfect, & two separate electricians said yes that is perfect, one of which tagged it so I could use him for the warranty putting his 20 years of growing his business which supports his family on the line, I think I'll stick with the 2 electricians and the directions rather than believe what someone posts on an internet forum. It might not require a neutral, but their is a screw. Maybe it's not needed, Are you a licensed electrician? I've wired 100's of lights washers, dryers, water heaters, and have yet to see a 240 volt electric water heater or anything that doesn't use the copper ground / neutral because the other two wires are hot in a 240.. Yes Hydro Jack was right, I used 10/3 for the water heater and ran two hots the white and black and then connected the copper ground. I guess when I said 10/3 I meant to say 10/2 because I counted the copper wire as #3. Excuse me for the grammatical error If it's wrong, it sure has been working pretty good and doesn't even get warm.
  9. sorry had to take these pics w/ no flash on the creep but these are all branches that I tried to put out super early.
  10. I like your style, I can tell your not full of bunny muffin like many I bump into. Just for clarity homey, I'm only growing four plants total! LOL I guess when I made that elbow per plant minimum it came across as I'm all about weight when that's farthest from the truth. I actually do things a little different. I've been taking one single seed, yes only one feminized usually almost always bead by Barney's. I will even pay extra to get it in the unopened breeder pack. But Bonza has done me well over the years and is the only place I trust. Yes I'm sure all of you down by Jackson find that funny as seeds are everywhere. Not up here & I don't have days to shop for them half a state away. So, anyways I take that one seed and treat it like my own child, vegging the holy hell out of it. Finning and LST to the point that it looks like an upside down green octopus with a dozen top shoots at less than 30 inches tall. I have developed quite the method using a very small amount of natural hormones, finning, LST, & even some HST. I like to start those 2nd layer shoots with some "squeeze breaks" at the nodes so they get really strong marble like rocks that move chlorophyll like a free flowing high way. Sometimes at this point I'll move my two 8 bulb 40,000 lumen T5HO from the sides, clip 4 major clones and move this momma into a small corner spot with just a little 250 mh bulb over her keeping the light on 14 hours until clone time comes again I slow her down as much as possible keeping her next to the fresh air intakes during the cold months really helps. I then try to learn the best methods of each type I grow with until I notice it's getting boring & I've learned what I can. I'll start over after vegging the monster momma in a sea of green and end that strain on a good frosty note. When I know I'm gonna kill off a mother, about 4-5 weeks before the end I go through and completely clip off and prune away half the tops (the smaller ones) and that gives it enough time to recover but when I do that those final buds are so covered in trich's it's insane. I sometimes think it might be worth the 25 days extra veg when I see how amazing they look. Check out what happened to a huge branch I tried to put outside super early in the pic below. It started to revert back to veg but got to cold one night and couldn't keep it up.
  11. I completely agree. I've never had a mold issue drying monster single stalk cat tails, to small dense popcorn half tails. That is exactly why with my new room I've waited until it's completely done with massive details paid to each part. Right down to air cooling my external water and air pump on my RDWC. Just by working this out I've eliminated any need for a chiller and the warmest the water ever gets is what the air temp is being used by the air pump. Between that & using a 70 quart Coleman cooler that I built another 4 inch thick of insulation board air tight with weather stripping on the lid. Insulated hoses and containers keeps a couple two liters of water frozen for almost 5 days with a temp top out of 68'. Perfect all because of massive planning. Many people think I took to much time to save and spend money the smart way maximizing every penny to the point of re-directing the heat from my air cooled lights into the rest of the house in the colder months which everyone in here knows is 8 months of the year. Few extra $ here and there to make everything easy and fast to take down and move when needed right down to the mylar! Many people buy lights at the hydro store and after making the large investment they skimp on things as they go along and it isn't until their third or fourth harvest they get any weight or quality. I'd rather plan and get two 1 pound per plant harvest. Getting rid of that power robbing piece of bunny muffin chiller is what I'm most proud of. A quality one costs a bunny muffin load, you have to set up so much extra stuff or you can just run your nutrients through the chiller like a fool. That's the first thing I look for to see if someone knows what they are doing. So I agree greatly, wait until you have everything to avoid point less pop corny stretchy harvest that I would use to make hash. #90 screen golden full melt only. MMMMMM
  12. I wrote you a detailed response and it's gone. I hope there aren't admins in here that police every letter typed & delete posts. Anyways I explained the original set up I spoke about using motion activated cameras would be best for you. Even pointing one at the fan you want to know when it powers on would be very simple. I would just buy one of these (pictured below) for each of the rooms which I imagine have oscillating fans of some kind. Any movement even the second hand on a clock will either make these cameras take a a HD color or Infared picture or they will record video for as long as you set them to or until your dvdr is full and even then they just start recording over old video. I'm sure you could invest in one of those high end controllers but I wouldn't. That's way over the top and lazy as hell. If you can't make it to your grow house a few times a week then you shouldn't be growing because your gonna cause an accident. You seem to only want information so this set up would be perfect and cheap. I have one of those hygrometers and can see everything anytime I want using email. Plus the other 3 cameras allow me to see what's going on outside to. If you have multiple spaces you need reads in there is a deal on eBay right now for 7 for like $75.00!
  13. Well to sum it up IMHO, They as in the government, pharm companies which are more powerful than any industry out there, don't ever want the chance of the public finding ways to medicate or cure themselves using things they can easily grow outside. 1000's of years ago Indians and others knew which plants to take for certain ailments. Since there wasn't massive industry polluting everything, not to mention how it's pounded into our heads that western medicine is the only safe method, so we all take pills for lots of diseases that never even existed in the past and if they did it was in very small numbers. Just a simple example of this is how millions of people buy mosquito repellent which is just tons of chemicals mixed together compared to just using oils from plants that are natural repellents. If pot becomes legal and millions find it cures there adhd, pain, or other things think about how much $ they would stand to lose. It's because now a days companies can't just have a good year with the same numbers as the year before, if they don't make tons more $ it'a a bad year meaning we are bombarded with bull bunny muffin everywhere we look making us believe we need things that we don't. There are enough resources generated in a year so every person on the planet could have a nice house, car, and live comfortably. But we as a species allow a few to run things and until that changes pharm companies will remain #1. Just my opinion.
  14. Thank you! Yes you could get a controller with one of those apps but if your not someone who knows how to use or install it and would like me to help you by doing that part I can. My set up is very simple, the cameras snap pictures when there is motion, an oscillating fan in your room is your motion, mount your digital hygrometer showing all the info you want and cost $20 for a nice one, set the motion's movement to only send a pic once every so many minutes, in my case every 15, sends that clear HD pic to your email or email you can make for this, than whenever your curious you simply check your email. Something even most peoples grandparents who aren't tech savy can do. Plus you'll now have miniature IR HD security cameras where ever you want for cheap. Total cost for 6 cameras, the DVR, and software was $200. Since it serves both purposes and will tell you what's going on in your room during lights out it's actually a handy investment for more than just keeping an eye on your room, you'll be able to watch your whole house!! I wondr how much one of those controllers is? lol
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