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  1. THE HUNTERS HAVE BECOME THE HUNTED... http://www.wwmt.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/Fmr-State-Rep-Roy-Schmidt-arraigned-on-marijuana-charges-in-Grand-Rapids-148590.shtml#.VXxMGsjD8RY
  3. Exceptions; Schutte, Jesica Copper, eric smith, oaknet, comet, judges, cops!!! AND DON'T FORGET ATTORNEYS. I am not a legal expert for; Insurance laws, DUI laws, gun laws, banking laws, violent crime laws..... BUT I DON'T HAVE TO BE. I am not stupid for that, I am protected!!!
  4. I was talking about the rich lawyers, judges, probation officers, legislators, bondsmen, etc. Marijuana cash is like gambling money unless you are on the legal side. there is no future.. THE HOUSE WINS.
  5. I agree. I ment... they don't know today!!! And I would be safe to say that anyone of us knows more about this stuff than a 22 year old baby killing doucher.... The average pig doesn't even look at this like we do... The average beat cop doesn't know any of these politics just like the average MMMA guy doesn't. we wouldn't know any of this bunny muffin if we didn't get busted, or make a living off the loopholes...
  6. If Murdered friends, Prison, Federal Criminal Enterprise conspiracy, kidnapping, robbery and bankruptcy won't stop me how will MSC. I knew a kid that got robbed and tied to a chair for 3 days and almost died from dehydration... He planted some cuts the day he got out hospital. That's dedication!!! Anyone's plan that doesn't include riskin their donkey for a felony and staking up bail money doesn't have a good grasp on MI MMA anyway Those of us that have been compelled to manufacture marijuana for the last 25 years have already made our piece with this and paid the price.... Michiganders will be leaving the states over this soon... guys like E.C. just gona ball and ball and ball, fight the bunny muffin through an elaborate game of interlocutory appeals, step their game up, make a bunch of cash, and bounce on the charges if they get to serious!!!
  7. They already did... at least for 2 years. And helped send a few people down the river.... It is very strange to me that the basis for their convictions.... the MSC cases.... no one got convicted. Johnson, McQueen, King etc. NOT FELONS (good for them they did EARN IT the hardest way!!) But what about the guys convicted with/without benefit of the ruling? What about the guys who didn't make bail(60%), when do they benefit from these rulings? What percentage of MMMA users even know who mazur is???? What percentage of attorneys, prosecutors and judges know this???? How long until another MSP update on medical marijuana? We all hinge or rights on this stuff.... THE AVERAGE COP HAS NO IDEA and no cop could sit down and talk about this bunny muffin with a guy like BOB without getting OWNED
  8. proof we can't legalize marijuana in MI yet. disp go prison NO... poor prison YES!!! our law is NOTHING LIKE 215... 215 does not facilitate the abuse of the sick like our MMMA. All the shops in CA getting busted are SHIPPING MARIJUANA OUT OF STATE.... just like half of MI. In the next five years the local pigs will give up.... and the only arrests you will hear about originate out of state. No one gets busted selling weed in NorCal, until they get greedy and ship it across state lines. That's the fair way for the cops to play!!! Michigan is getting close, a large percentage of our bud is goin south.... soon that will be the only pot game THAT MAKES MONEY!!! some PD in New Jersey, Chicago or florida makes the call and then the bunny muffin hits the fan... NONE OF US WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS MODEL.... it's fair, and the pigs make more money than chasing a couple lbs, Federal threshold in SE MI is 100 lbs 100 plants
  9. None... good question... half of you know my name and my case, the rest are about to find out!!! BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. I am nothing but a poor person... MSC may put my name in news confidentially.... then I'm bringing metric tons!!! It's gona take more than 150 days and probation to make me go to Costa Rica... every state case gets a few years on bond... and that is dangerous to the system!!! After Tuttle we have about 2 years to dump NorCal outdoor... by the truckload.... then the millionaire lawyers won't ask "can you supply a dispensary?" like they are now, because they will be able to produce their own.. on the backs of the MMMA patients they sold down the river. I have seen more than one disp owner beg the patients for help, get a license from crooked city and hustle pot all the way to federal prison
  10. yes and it protects patients and hits producers/distributors in the pocket book!!!! AND the county prosecutors post their thresholds PUBLICALLY
  11. yes sir... A.K.... the grounds for MANY MANY MANY convictions, but now it's overthrown. but how many poor didn't get the memo...
  12. Because we are going down the wrong road... Now the lawyers wana make all the patients pains IRRELIVANT BECAUSE WE ARE ABOUT TO WIN!!!! Registration goes to NIL as soon as section 8 is real, you all know this and will agree in a few months.
  13. your too busy feeding into the schutte side of this fight. That's why no Sect 8 protections. Obviously you guys are all too busy playing lawyer to see the bigger picture... you guys are PROHIBITIONISTS plain and simple. I have worked w activists for years, most cannot wrap their brain around that FACT!!! yes some of you guys have helped some, but there is a flip side to that coin... I'm done ranting, but its all true. You guys are commercializing freedom and liberty
  14. yes yes yes and yes... and a reasonable amount stipulated. this is not about me... I can be just a number that is fine. this is about voters intent
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