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  1. No, it is stored in the fat. I know one chronic user that tested positive 60 days after stopping. negative at 90 days.
  2. Seems to me, he already accomplished that. It is a much brighter day in America. You should be celebrating the fact he really believes in MM.
  3. HAHAHA from this day forward, to be known as BUMMER
  4. That would be 40% of the total %, say 10% so CBD would by 4%. but still it would be high for modern recreational bud.
  5. percentage has to be in relation to something. Now I am curious.
  6. marihuana microbusiness? Sell to individuals but not marihuana establishments? Interesting.
  7. If you were doing anything other than cannabis, you would be declared a hobby and you would be barred from deducting your expenses from other income. Most caregivers could show an operating loss if ALL expenses are tracked. So it would be smart to fill out the expense section. Just keep it for the future.
  8. Wow, a lawyer who does not know the difference between a private email account that is allowed by state law and a private server used to avoid subpoenas, nice.
  9. 1) 63% did not vote for a constitutional amendment, if they did we would not have these changes. 2) This will NOT effect caregivers. Those laws remain the same except the five pt limit is legitimized. 3)" no regulation on how much is sold to whom." really?
  10. Tariffs, no NAFTA is a done deal
  11. Trump is 100% for medical. Paranoid much?
  12. Please trust me that there are hundreds of weird reactions not reported by the drug companies. I have talked to a few pain patients that claim to be allergic to cannabis. I have had patients claim to be allergic to Benadryl or prednisone, both would be used to treat allergic reactions. Always makes me scratch my head.
  13. I think you know the problem is legal liability, there are no supporting studies that will stand up in court. In medicine, every word you say is a potential law suit unless it is about vaccines. There you can lie your azz off with no consequences.
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