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  1. There is a growing movement to encourage House Rep. Bobby Rush (who is an old man) to decline a run for reelection in Illinois' 1st congressional district and allow Obama to run for that seat. If elected in 2018, Obama would likely become the Speaker of the House if democrats could pick up about 35 more seats. Wouldn't that be some fun political drama?


    But right now there is no point in removing Trump and his thugs from office because the line of succession is equally bad. That said, I'd still rather see Paul Ryan as the president of the United States instead of Trump or Pence. Or if it goes as deep as Orin Hatch I'd be OK with that too.


    If I had to pick a republican for POTUS, I'd go with John McCain. But that isn't a realistic option.


    Ideally, I'd like to see non-republicans flip the house and senate in 2018, Elijah Cummings becomes speaker of the house, Trump and Pence are simultaneously thrown out of office, and Cummings becomes the POTUS. My second choice would be Matt Cartwright, honorable gentleman representing PA's 17th congressional district.


  2. but he doesn't. that was a lie to get elected. like every other lie he made to get elected.


    like health care for all. or Mexico going to pay for a wall. or lock her up or nafta.


    you'll realize his lies sooner or later. he was very convincing. It happens to everyone. Obama lied about ending the war in iraq, Bush lied about wmd in iraq.


    the thing to learn is that you can only support honest politicians like Bernie.

    Quit with the FAKE NEWS!

  3. One of the major fallacies Trump supporters bought into was that he do whatever he wanted by proclamation. They didn't seem to have a basic understanding of how the government actually works. I wonder if now their ignorance will be dispelled when they see he can't wave his magic wand and make the wall appear and the Mexicans vanish.


    Probably not.

    Seems to me, he already accomplished that. It is a much brighter day in America. You should be celebrating the fact he really believes in MM.

  4. If you were doing anything other than cannabis, you would be declared a hobby and you would be barred from deducting your expenses from other income. Most caregivers could show an operating loss if ALL expenses are tracked. So it would be smart to fill out the expense section. Just keep it for the future.

  5. No calls to lock up Pence for using a private email account, either. Just when I thought I knew what was important to Trumpers...


    Trumpers voted for Trump, Pence, Flynn, Sessions, DeVos, Perry, the Russians, and all the rest that we will endure for the next 4-8 years.

    Wow, a lawyer who does not know the difference between a private email account that is allowed by state law and a private server used to avoid subpoenas, nice. 

  6. I figured I should post serious,...


    This very well MAY be real.  I mean, who knows. Weird things make people sick.


    BUT, what concerns me is every time someone goes to the doctor vomiting now, they ask you if you use marijuana, and if you say "yes", they just blow your sickness off as "Cannabinoid Hyperemesis" when it is most likely something else.  This must be very very rare.  1:100,000 maybe? Less?


    I dunno.  These type of things always make me go "hmmmm.....".


    Sounds fishy.

    Please trust me that there are hundreds of weird reactions not reported by the drug companies. I have talked to a few pain patients that claim to be allergic to cannabis. I have had patients claim to be allergic to Benadryl or prednisone, both would be used to treat allergic reactions. Always makes me scratch my head.



     In my concurring opinion in Redden, I warned against interpreting the MMMA in a piece meal 
    fashion because doing so would create confusion. I attempted to establish a framework for the 
    law to keep confusion to a minimum. Hundreds or more medical marijuana cases have worked 
    their way through our court system. If my original framework had been adhered to, some 
    citizens would have retained their freedom, property, liberty, and legal fees, and townships, 
    cities, police, and prosecutors would have saved valuable resources in their quest to interpret the 

    Bob is famous. If only the courts had listened. HAHAHA

  8. It sucks that the medical establishment cannot be trusted to tell the truth about marijuana.

    I think you know the problem is legal liability, there are no supporting studies that will stand up in court. In medicine, every word you say is a potential law suit unless it is about vaccines. There you can lie your azz off with no consequences

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