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  1. My point was, 200 years later and personnel use is still (sic) illegal unless the tax man gets his.
  2. Her medical and legal problems will be exposed by then
  3. Actually it does. You can ferment but the minute you add it to a still, you have broken the law. No exception for personal use. (You should taste my rum). I always felt that they will never prosecute a case for fear of loosing. After the education from this site, not so sure.
  4. Shows community support. http://www.thecannabist.co/2016/11/09/pueblo-county-colorado-question-200-marijuana-question-300/66898/
  5. Advise on which judges voted with us, and which were azzes would be well worth it.
  6. Glad you said it. Those who called it MiLies can suck an egg, also. Rick Jones did exactly what I predicted.
  7. "In pain experiments, which involved dipping monkeys' tails into hot water" new meaning to "watch your tail"
  8. Any talk of making it a constitutional amendment? Makes it way harder to change but harder to pass.
  9. Your math is right. You should never use vegetable oil as it is pure garbage and very unstable compared to cc oil . If I was making brownies or cookies I would use butter.
  10. Oils and edibles are not really illegal. Doesn't mean they won't try but a good lawyer (do we know any?) will beat it.
  11. If it took 75% to amend the act, does it take 75% to change it back? Dems are never going to be 75%
  12. Dispensaries did not want competition and caregivers do not collect taxes.
  13. Why did I expect better for you? Spreading the main stream propaganda is not intelligent. Stopped listening to PGT for spouting this nonsense. All lawyers think they are in the ruling class and think they know what is best for everyone. The dependent class will follow you anywhere.
  14. I recently discovered an OTC balm with 4% lidocain and NSAI Called Aspercreme with lidocain for around $10. Similar prescription creams run $50 to $700. I would love if folks would try it alone and mixed with oil. Not sure where they have it on the shelf but it can be ordered. Anyone near Ypsi can come by my place, first tube free.
  15. This is the kind of information I come to this site for.
  16. In the past, that was just too low but as I get older and NO healthcare, it is sounding better.
  17. Wish I had seen this before the close date. State benefits are the best. Funny the pay is greater than state pharmacist.
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