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  1. Ephedrine and pseudo ephedrine are both over the counter drugs, in Europe and pseudoephedrine is over the counter in the US, to this day. It would be completely acceptable to purchase these drugs for inclusion in over the counter preparations. It is disgusting that we dose young kids with meth just to make them easier to control.
  2. I listen every week. I even attended the broadcast in person when a (loud) speaker attacked Zap. He has stated that he "goes along" but does not agree. I think it would be interesting to hear his concerns disgusted.
  3. I seem to have missed the update on Abrogate. 1600 sigs a day, no problem, right?
  4. Reports on MILegalize have been lacking or completely absent. Hoping Zap will start a discussion about his concerns. Watch out for those speakers.
  5. This is a great solution unless she is going to grow for another patient.
  6. They obviously are not planning on MiLegalize or Abrogate being the law of the land since both would over ride these bills.
  7. I am just trying to learn. I have been wondering if it is necessary to maintain "mothers" and why. Gary's post just made a connection with something I know about. Now I need to figure out the significance. Hopping I don't have to be an expert on propagation like GM or can I just continue like Resto. Wouldn't be a big deal if things were as legal as we voted for. No reason genetic shift can't be for the better.
  8. Maybe you should think about it before making crazy assumptions.
  9. Genes are turned off/on to help the next generation survive. I am guessing that always culling the males causes more hermies. In humans it is called epigenetics.
  10. It is not about mutations, it is about gene expression. In humans we are finding even a persons thoughts can change how genes are turned on/off. The idea that you have to wait for mutations for evolution is very outdated. The more you learn, the less you know.
  11. High school history. Who do you think the 3rd amendment was for, militias?
  12. You are wrong about this and I think you know it.
  13. Oklahoma and Nebraska filed their lawsuit against Colorado in December 2014, alleging that the state's legal weed is spilling across their borders in violation of federal law. The lawsuit doesn't seek to force Colorado to outlaw cannabis again, but rather seeks to do away with the regulatory system Colorado has created to tax and control recreational pot sales. "It would throw things in a real state of chaos. It wouldn't say the state has to criminalize, it says the state can't regulate," he said. "It would be the Wild West, where the state can't be forced to criminalize it, but there's no law to keep it in check." Not that I fully understand this but there it is.
  14. Actually, if the case were to lose at SC, pot would still be legal but no other regulations would be valid. Isn't that what you would want?
  15. Actually that is very likely. Build the wall, yes. Make Mexico pay for it, negotiable. No amnesty, yes, forcibly deport millions, negotiable.
  16. Nominate all you want, they will NEVER be confirmed. Just the way it is.
  17. Such an ignorant comment. He NEVER declared bankruptcy. Four out of hundreds of companies, he was associated with, declared bankruptcy. Not even close to the same thing.
  18. In Vicodin that would be 15mg hydrocodone. Reporting the amount of Tylenol is irrelevant today as all strengths contain 325mg of Tylenol. I am being technical because this is major topic for me. We all need to make this point when ever cannabis is compared to alcohol or RX narcotics. It is the opposite of a gateway drug. We all know this but it is missed by the rest of the world. Except by the manufactures of alcohol and prescription drugs.
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