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  1. (CNSNews.com) – Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said that although the Democratic Party “wants to give every opportunity to grassroots activists... to participate” in its presidential nomination process, superdelegates “exist... to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists."
  2. "MANCHESTER, N.H. —Although Bernie Sanders won the first-in-the-nation Democratic primary by a landslide margin of 60 percent to 38 percent over Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State may end up with as many New Hampshire delegates to the Democratic National Convention as he does, and possibly more." No corruption here.
  3. 'Maybe you should quit watching MSNBC. He is none of those things.
  4. Tonight on Oreily, after being baited about problems in Colorado, Trump said he has to see the data but " let me say, I am 100 percent for Medical marijuana". Oreily : " you know that MM is "just a Ruse, Oh I am in Pain" Donald: I know people people that it really helps. Say anything you want, but this is a big deal for our community. It may or may not help prohibition, but for patients and caregivers, this is HUUGH.
  5. This is not true. True Hospice patients get all pain and comfort medication they need. Hospice patients that live for months, not so much. To clarifiy, some patients use hospice when it is not yet appropriate. You can tell the difference when they are still getting maintenance meds like BP and statins.
  6. How does 4209 prepare for MiLegalize? I think they are counting on MCC or MRC , which calls for the state to regulate. Spending tens of millions on a seed to sale system, will be the end of Jones.
  7. I just don't understand how you can be prevented from making your defense.
  8. Just think, if Snyder resigns early, Brian Calley runs as an incumbent. Be careful what you wish for.
  9. Pay attention to GM, he probably is the most technical grower on the forum. No offense to others but Grass will make your head explode.
  10. Also the failure to return her medicine was most defiantly mentioned.
  11. Sorry Zap, I considered it might be a different case but I did hear the vibrator case from the defendant herself, on PGT. I think both cases were discussed on the same show.
  12. She didn't get her 17.5 pounds of cannabis back. Really a bag of ice with some leaf.
  13. Ahhh, you are on to something but getting something on the ballot is the perfect way to get the right people to show up and vote. Even if the initiative fails, we could win.
  14. Yes, this would be my statement of problem. Thanks for including cigarettes. I have wondered about that but to suggest someone smoke cannabis instead of cigarettes, will draw ridicule, anywhere but on this fourm
  15. Yes, this is what I am looking for. Yes, it is very important to define terms and populations. We are not a homogeneous group.
  16. This is the kind of info I come to this site for. Really interested in the effectiveness for long term narcotic or heavy alcohol use. Instead of a gateway drug we need to promote it as an exit drug. I deal with heavy narcotic users everyday but have little time to talk about cannabis. I have a doctor near the pharmacy that did write a lot of pain meds and would recommend cannabis but he had the fear of God instilled in him by the state. Now he is writting NO CANNABIS and is testing for it. He bragged about dropping 100 Norco patients.
  17. It is 12 inches tall OR 12 inches in diameter. Don't worry your pretty little head.
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