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  1. Location isn't as important as the trust, reliability, and honesty in the relationship between me and a caregiver... Traveling 1 x2 times a month isn't that much of a burden if all other issues are met
  2. I'm not new to marihuana, I've used marihuana for several reasons in the past, off and on for almost 20 years... Currently I use to help regulate my pain and YES it does work fairly well for my type of pain.. Doctors currently have me taking 3 x 30 Mg MS Contin and 6 x 30 Mg Oxycodone a day, as well as a handful of other medications for other types of pain...Thru the use of marijuana I successfully reduce the amount of pills to 2 x 30 Mg MS Contin and 1-2 30 Mg OxyContin, less then half... This amount manages pain with the help of marijuana ALMOST as well as all the pills without all the side effects, without going thru detox several times a day. I am NOT in Oakland County.. I am in Macomb but near all three... YES I am Very near 8 mile, on the border of all 3 counties
  3. I am planing on setting up my own grow when things get more stabile for me but in the mean time I need the help of a caregiver.. Yes I would consider sending in the paperwork beforehand but as I stated, I don't have the required fees at the moment. It was hard enough getting all the required medical files and the $100 for the doctor and then transporting myself to the doctors office.. It's costing me $250 every two weeks just in pills, that don't manage my pain very well as it is. I'm not trying to get pity or give a Woo me speech. It's just a struggle currently as I've only been out the hospital about a month. I'll have all the required funds to send the paperwork in within the next week, however I'd like to speed up the process and file with the caregiver from the start
  4. Looking for a caregiver in Oakland/macomb/Wayne County area... I received my doctors recommendation and need to send the paperwork in with the required 60$ plus the $25 fee for a caregivers background check.. I currently can't afford those fees due to my current physical condition keeping me from employment.. February 9th of this year I was in a near fatal automobile accident and had my pelvis crushed into 12 pieces and I lost one of my legs... I was hospitalized for 3 months and the doctors have been managing my pain with a humongous amount of Opiates... I am not comfortable being on all the pain pills and I'm choosing a more natural solution.. I am requiring a honest and trusting bond with a caregiver and also help with finishing the required steps for LARA.
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