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  1. mibrains: TYVM for bringing this topic to the forefront. It's a huge worry for all of us whether here on MMM or anywhere else. T-pain: Always a wealth of info. happy to see you here. Everyone else: "HYA" Been a while since I've logged on. Brief update: My 2017 outdoor grow didn't go so well but had plenty for my patients which is what matters anyhow. Finally have an indoor grow which I've gotten from cut into flower without mites, mildew, etc. It's only taken me 3 years!! Took the advice I got here, bombed the heck out of my grow rooms, left the rooms empty of plants/plant material f
  2. I do have drains in the floors and do plan to begin watering with a rain head. Whenever I sprayed my plants with a miticide, I always sprayed both the top and bottom of the leaves, stalks and dirt until they and the floor were soaked, spraying them as often as every 3 days. I've never tried to completely sanitize my grow rooms by removing all plant material and dirt, washing down all the walls and floors then leaving them without plants for a period of time. Your idea to put in a couple of inexpensive houseplants sprayed with miticide to draw out any mites left may work but it could also help
  3. I have some seeds from a few of my outdoor plants. One plant which had a branch that hermaphridited and I thought I cut off and caught early did cause a few seeds to show up in a couple plants close to it. Not sure if they're true seeds but am considering trying to pop them. I've never popped my own seeds and know that some of them, if they're actual seeds, will be male. I do know how to sex plants so that's not a big deal. I was just wondering if it's best to pop them using the seed/clone trays or just put them between a couple pieces of damp paper towel. I figure I'll try doing it on these s
  4. I've been plagued by mites whenever I've tried an indoor grow of any size ( more than a dozen total plants from cloner to veg. to flower ). This is my 2nd winter without a single plant getting through a full grow period. All I can think to do is scrap everything, clean my grow areas, use several bombs and leave the area free of any plant material for at least 2 weeks to starve out anything that makes it past the bombs. After that, I plan to paint my veg and flower rooms then wrap them in plastic. Using a miticide/fungicide spray along with an alcohol dilution spray every 3 days and switchin
  5. I truly understand this and don't want to "beat a dead horse". I simply believe the wealth of information some people bring to a web site such as this is worth so much more than mere dollars. I'm also not naive. I know a web site such as this one requires a lot of work by a lot of people in order to keep it up to date regarding Michigan's laws as well as those of other states, new bills being heard and/or passed, news regarding what's happening on the front lines as far as law enforcement/abuse goes, research in every aspect of this plant, the various end product forms, the newest methods for
  6. Restorium2: I've openly admitted to not being a proficient indoor grower. I've had my share of issues which has made the money put into indoor growing not a very good investment so far. That's not to say that I've given up on trying to produce decent and regularly productive indoor crops in addition to eventual high quality indoor grows. Even so, I don't stretch the truth regarding my outdoor growing skills when it comes to the health, trimming, production of tops in excess of 12-18" in length, easily in excess of 4" in diameter depending on the strain as well as in excess of 2-3 dozen of thes
  7. Hey ALL!!! I have a new computer!!!! Hubby & son surprised me with it for Christmas. Taking some time to get used to after using one from 2008 for so long. Even with all of the software upgrades it was still pretty much a brick. It's pretty nice, a laptop with a touch screen, Dell Inspiron 15-7000. It took me nearly a week just to shut down all of the apps and auto software which tracks everything you do via GPS, video, camera, inking, motion sensing, etc. I'm not a big social media user. I have a FaceBook account which I set up 6 years ago and ceased to use less than 2 months later. I
  8. I apologize for this double post. I don't understand why some people believe any member should have to pay to share information with the rest of this forum even if they are representing a machine and/or method they've produced or perfected. Should it matter if one person is doing better financially than others? I simply appreciate their willingness to share the information for those of us who are either just beginning or others who may benefit either financially, growing or trying/perfecting a method of extraction we're unfamiliar with. If not for the unrestrained sharing of information on thi
  9. Hi all: Been away for a while due to computer issues as well as trouble with my indoor grow. I noticed a couple mentions of indoor grows verses outdoor grows stating indoor grows producing better, more potent end product. I know I'm fairly new to this and have had several indoor grow issues but my outdoor grows have produced very high quality, very sticky buds. Of course, my outdoor grows are very well tended from the beginning producing Sativas in excess of 13 foot with more than 20 main tops and Indicas in excess of 8 foot with more than 25 main tops each top bud between 8-16" in length dep
  10. t-pain: Thank you. I wasn't sure if I was over stepping. Of course I expected, if anyone were able to help, they would contact me via PM. For growers who've only been in this for 18 months, this was a VERY hard hit to take especially after losing the entire indoor grow this past winter to mites after buying some bad plants ( some turned out to be male, others definately weren't what they were marked to be and all were webbed with mites within 24 hours ) from a person who ripped off several other people too. I also know this hit makes next year's outside grow a target too. At least my husband a
  11. If this is inapropriate, I apologize and please take it down. As some of you may know, my husband's entire outside grow was stolen a few weeks ago, 45, 12-14 ft. plants. Though I have donated a few of mine to him, I only have a 2 patients compared to his 5 and don't have nearly enough plants ready to go into flower. If there is anyone out there in the Genessee Co. area who might have at least 4-6 nice plants ready to go into flower at a good price, could you please contact me? The loss of the outside garden hit very hard and you would be helping a lot. Thank you all. Blkwlf
  12. Thank you Wet. Right now I'm splitting my indoor plants up, donating some to him, and concentrating on getting the others grown up enough to flower. I stopped cloning until I get this sorted out. Doing a full clean of my grow rooms, husband is doing same, to rid ourselves of the little monsters that got in when he brought in some of the branches from outside that the theives dropped on their way out. They left a trail to where they were parked. Unfortunately, in the rush to get those branches hung, he hung them right outside the grow rooms and transferred a few bugs that weren't hurting the bi
  13. Since the outdoor crop is lost & the indoor wasn't ready for the flower room ( took time off from cloning so didn't have indoor + outdoor ready to harvest at same time & to keep numbers right ) I don't have any use for my cloner for a while and won't have anything ready to take cuts from for a few weeks. I can't strip them since they're all I have to produce product. Don't even know if I can keep going. Outdoor helped to pay for indoor electric and were suppose to pay for LED's to cut electric cost inside. I will look into the russet and broad mites since I know it's not an issue with
  14. I want to thank everyone for their advice and apologize for not responding sooner. I've been hurting quite a bit more due to the rain and cooler weather and my husband's entire outside grow was stolen. 45 PLANTS!!!!!! I guess some people are worse than trash. GL to EV1 this year. Blkwlf
  15. Thanks for all the great ideas. Yes, certain plants such as pole beans, tomatos, grapes and quite a few melon and squash + others with natural "hairs" along the shafts can eiter naturally clone or be cloned by simply sticking a broken piece into the soil. Light isn't an issue for this method since the roots will be growing in the ground. I do believe the issue I've been having has more to do with the change of location of my cloner to a less warm and less humid area as well as changing the light I was using. I was using a T-5 which does put off some heat but switched to a Floro. which doesn't.
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