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  1. 3:30 p.m. June 24 in council's chambers on the 10th floor of City
  2. very unsafe, any rogue person walking buy that sees that would quickly go through your window and snatch all that up, especially in a apartment complex, tint the windows and keep it shut and locked.
  3. more crap http://wlns.com/2016/06/10/progress-on-lansing-marijuana-ordinance-stalls-lansing-city-officials-consider-closing-dispensaries/ i hate hearing stupid crap like this, i am planning a protest at Lansing city council the day they make the final decision, does anybody want to join me? i want our voices heard. my twitter is @oldoceans if you wanted to contact me regarding a planned protest or forum pm me, dont matter meeting is at 3:30 p.m. June 24 in council's chambers on the 10th floor of City
  4. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2016/06/07/bureau-marijuana-signatures-ballot/85547102/ pisses me off, all this hard work went to waste ffuck snyder I just contacted Bernie sanders on twitter and begged him to help the Mi Legalize campaign, i gave Bernie Sanders the board of canvassers office number to contact and call. and i begged Bernie to call the office before Thursday to urge the board to accept all the signatures regardless of the new law. i am not sure if this could help anything, but i thougth i could at least ask Bernie sanders for help, an
  5. why don't become a caregiver your self as well? she can still grow for you still if you wanted, you will actually be able legally to posses the plants!
  6. i was passing through gratiot County (ithaca) when i was stopped for supposedly not using my turn single (which i did use) he asked for the usual, license insurance etc, then he noticed my medical marijuana card,he then started asking me when the last time i smoked. I was paranoid about incriminating my self, so i told the cop i dont use marijuana at all and that i only help people get their medicine, he called me a liar, then he went back to his car, ran my info, then he came back and asked to search the vehicle, i told him no i don't consent , he kept demanding, i kept saying no, he thre
  7. I was hoping to set up a decent grow that would use less then $20 worth of electricity a month. Right now i have 2 seedlings and 2 clones under a 140watt mars LED grow light combined with a 150 watt high pressure sodium ballast/light. will this be good enough to get decent results? i want to do 8 plants but in separate grow tents with similar light set up for each. will this be good enough?
  8. i still have a few big plants in my backyard still growing in the soil, so far, i put a few fake christmas trees around my plants to disguise them as pine trees so nobody could tell what they really are if seen from a distance. or is it a better idea to disquise them as sun flower plants? where can i buy fake tall sunflower plants? just paranoid because my 2 plants grew into monsters. any other suggestions?
  9. yea, they are very wide and tall, its like a giant bush, i did rig up a taller fence, and the plants are in the middle of 25 corn plants that i put around it, but now taller then the corn, also i have giant tomato plants near them too!
  10. ok, so i made my backyard compliant with the law. i only have 3 plants in my back yard. I know i am under the legal limit, but my plants are now 13 ft tall and getting taller, will this make me non compliant? there just started to flower now.
  11. Im a new MMMA card holdern ow, and yes i can posses plants, im 25 and been diagnoses with Symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. Its terrible i got this at early age,been annoying and random times knees will swell and i cant walk much, but they also think it could be somthing worse, so they are runing more tests. i am prescribed the norcos 750s, omg those things suck, it tears up my stomache and makes me nausiated all the time. since im a new card holder, now im always paranoid now, that i could still get busted somehow even at the legal limit, the feds could find out somehow and lock me
  12. ok, they are watching the dispenseries, they watch you go in, then they drive up to the dispenserary, wait until you come out, they roll down their window and ask you to buy a gram for them because they left their card or paper work at home. I knew immdediatly what was going on, i pretended to be deaf and made crazy hand jester at him and walked away. he immedialty sped off and drove down the street and parked there. beware of this EVERYONE! dont fall for it
  13. i did mine very early, 4 started from from seed (royal queen northern lights) and( king cash crop from herbies seed bank) i started them in jiffy pots then directly planted them in soil, planted them outside may 10th, they survived many frosts and very windy weather, with no problems, now they are flowering already. this is my first auto flower grow. has anybody had experiance with outdoor auto flowers?
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