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  1. They have not been consistent in this. They are pretty good and I know the guy who heads it. I appreciate your response
  2. I am looking for the Perkjins cut of cannatonic. For a patient. Would be very grateful. Mrd
  3. You are being used If as an example they cannot make a decision then they totally bogus. If they ask for a strain they have previously rejected it just nshows you are being played. Everyone is your friend as long as they are getting free weed. That it over and out.
  4. GREAT Sounds like you have some nice things going.
  5. You missed it. IT was not calling lc art. I do not think it is. It is good grass. Provence refers to who owned a piece of artwork . Same there is for grass/ Like the kids game telephone often you do not know what you are getting. Depends on the source. Some folks know soe don't. They know if its any good by trying it they just do not know its history
  6. Thanks I need to find some new patients. Been battling spider mites. Have a new mutant lc cross I call it krazy Kat. Makes people laugh and tell bad jokes while being stoney. No no one has it
  7. Only if held to expiration The Bond market is the biggest market. If interest rates go down from where you bought it then you can make a profit if you sell it. You can loose money if the rates go up.
  8. Why would Mexico pay for the wall unless we want a war? Deport 12 million people. Where to put them as we try to do that? Concentration camps. OR we could have them do a forced march.
  9. Because he encouraged people to beat protestors ake America great again sounds like Make Germany Great Again. Figure it out.
  10. They also make the stationary volcano which is expensive but very good. Some people swear by the arizers but i have not used it
  11. It should be pointed out that dinosaurs existed before chickens and dinosaurs laid eggs. Therefor the egg preceded the chicken. Take that Colonel Sanders!
  12. diytdcs.com is a good place to start. I know a bit about it so you can contact me if you have questions.
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