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  1. Politics aside, it would be hard for any well informed, reasonable person to be unable to see the writing on the wall. Trump offered a few comments on mj during the campaign, but his actions since the election (and nominations) speak louder than words. What they've said has been discouraging - and Sessions, Pence, Price, and Kelly are drug-war lifers who have been clear on their positions for years. I've left the program and will have to rely on standard medical solutions until such time that there is at least the semblance of stability for medical mj patients again. There is too much
  2. Michigan's medical program began in 2008 and has existed entirely during Obama's presidency. Trump's actions since the election (nominations) seem to indicate that we are about to be plunged back into the war on drugs - one which includes mj. If federal enforcement agencies request information from legal medical states, every participant of those programs could become a target. Which is to say, in the new scenario, being in the program itself could be a danger.
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