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  1. Yeah, the pens are nice. The dispensary here rarely has them but they are decent.
  2. A local landlord is trying to pull strings for me and I might have an apartment next thursday. I'm very lucky. Still, having this on my record is going to hurt me in the future and I still can't smoke. He hinted that he's okay with edible.
  3. Complain online for 2 weeks. Enjoy being homeless. Crude. 2 lawyers and the judge were saying something about new rules being passed for landlords having more power for evictions. So, I think you're right. I'll still contact them but it's probably a lost cause. I probably said this already but the judge said testimonies would be enough to convict me. I hope it doesn't come to this... but I'll keep it in mind.
  4. I'm talking about the landlord. I was in a federal building. I don't understand how I can talk about disabled rights when I'm asking to break a federal law.
  5. I'm trying with some suggestions. Nothing really working out. I might have found a place to move but I don't know yet and I'm upset about this being on my record. I appreciate all the posts. Considering this... No, I'm about 30 mins from Midland. I'm sorry but I don't understand. It just sounds like they would put the federal law in my face.
  6. 211 is responding fast through e-mail but they are mostly just giving me links to stuff like homeless shelters. I can't be homeless... this is wrong.
  7. I just learned the hard truth about DHS and removed it from the post. I told her that I was going to be homeless and she said she couldn't do anything for me. Thank you very much for this information.
  8. I have a serious organ disease - I had intestinal gangrene when I was 10 years old. A judge put me on SSDI. I have a medical marijuana card and live in Mid-Michigan. My landlord just got me evicted and I have about 18 days left to leave. The eviction was over the scent of marijuana but it was never proven. The judge made it sound like I had no chance of fighting it in trial so I just accepted the eviction and am now worried about my rental record. I have no vehicle, no where else to go. My parents are still alive (and very ill) but my mother is a hoarder who lives in her own filth and a
  9. message me if so honey/glycerin/suppositories would work too...
  10. I've never heard this... I'll look at it but not sure where to get. There's 2 dispensaries by me. One has terrible product, one is great but 300 an oz. Both have only buds, nothing else.
  11. I don't know anything about these. I'll do some reading. The smell of the bud from the bag would travel out to the hallway though. ~edit~ I don't know where to get oil
  12. The past 2 months, I've been in the process of adding a caregiver to my card. It's been +8 weeks and I was expecting the card any day now. I found someone who was going to sell oil at a cheap price. He passed away yesterday morning. I'm sorry to hear it yet I feel selfish saying that I'm devastated by this. I can't tolerate my pain/anxiety much longer, I'm disillusioned by my bad luck, and it's enraging me that I'm in pain yet relief is being kept from me... and a possible cure for cancer... and that it's too late to file a lawsuit against the gangrene issue. I don't know what to d
  13. I have a little money, just limited each month, and a lil bit saved up. It sounds like I'm out of luck - everything involves possession risk and I'm hearing mixed answers about making oil. I'm an all-natural vegetarian with a very limited diet because many things make me extremely sick, so edibles wouldn't work. MPP replied to an e-mail but they said that state housing refuses to say if they allow medical marijuana or not. I messaged my old compassion center earlier to see if they have ideas and GG gave me 2 people to contact about something. I guess I give up. Thank you for the concern
  14. I've been told that making oil causes an extremely powerful scent. Is that true?
  15. I'd be fine with oil. I just don't think I'd be capable of making it. The messages I got from grassmatch confused me a bit and I don't think he's nearby. I might be wrong but I think he was just giving me the name of a dispensary nearby. I'd like to know about the person you may know that might help, please. I can't even begin to describe how it makes me feel that I might die from cancer because of all the lies behind prohibition...
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