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  1. I think maybe just growing for me is best. I've heard a lot of people tell me growing for others is awesome, but people can ruin the awesomeness quickly. Thanks for responding guys????
  2. I want to ask caregivers if you still love growing after years of growing for others? I love growing, it's been a secret passion of mine for years. I get asked often to become a caregiver, but honestly it scares the crap out of me. Sometimes I feel like my talents could benefit others and maybe even provide some income. I guess it's up to the individual, but I still wonder is it worth it? Do you still love to grow or has it become a burden.
  3. My Christmas wish is for a happy new year to everyone.✌ Enjoy the holidaze and I hope your all celebrating with some good buds.????
  4. I'm thankful for: People who make me smile. Surprises of the good kind. A warm fire. Making Love. Memories of Thanksgiving's past. The people who have touched my heart in the journey of life. Cannabis. Being able to grow marijuana legally. The Internet. Ok... I could go on, but it's time to roast the Danksgiving turkey which of course is me! Ya see?????????
  5. The site is French, but the pictures are amazing. https://www.2tout2rien.fr/17-fleurs-qui-ressemblent-a-autre-chose/
  6. https://fluence.science/technology/spydr/ Something I've been looking at????
  7. Took a nice color tour drive today to a dispensary called Greenways on M-30 in Gladwin Michigan. It's pretty shabby looking place, but it looks like there working on it. No membership BS just show the medcard and state ID. Picked up an economy Oz of BlueHead for 150 and 4g of Chocolate Thai for 50. The cheep Oz was not too bad if you wanna roll em' big and often. The Thai nugs were pretty awesome and gave me the asseating munchies then made me lazy and tired. Another Michigander Day!
  8. I see three journals in there and thought this area could use a Croquet Journal.???? No link to start a new journal. Do I need to have a certain amount of posts to gain access to this area? I'm new here so my best guess is I need a higher post count.
  9. Merry Christmas Michigan Marijuana Mates! My Christmas wish for all of you is to have the best 2016. May your new year be filled with better health, more happiness and frosty flowers. LOTS of Frosty Flowers!????
  10. 300000 people in the mowed field behind their home on Bangor Rd. Firemen and police were all there helping with traffic and emergency situations. He most likely knew some of the police who raided him. They all sure know the guy who puts 12" bombs in the sky. It's like having your friends turn on you and throwing your life into a nightmare. November 2016 can't get here fast enough! Vote the cash cow out of their hands and into ours????
  11. Hey! Thanks for the welcome. Gonna relax right cheer for the Winter. Learning a ton. Hopefully I'll learn how to post pics soon????
  12. I remember going to their home years ago for a fireworks show that drew about 30 thousand people. Dave is one of the Polish Pyros people who do the large motor shell firework shows for the masses. Too nice of a guy. Clearly never had trouble with the law before judging by the open talk to his interviewers. This happens alot. Bad things happening to good people who grow Cannabis. I hope we can vote away some of this life wrecking crap next year.
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