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  1. Hey everybody, I never have anyone to smoke with, I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in starting up a smoking/medicating club to meet up together in Saginaw?
  2. I've been searching for a high quality strain of Sour Diesel, and from the research I've done on it, it looks like Amherst Sour Diesel from Humboldt Seed Organisation is a really great SD strain. I hope someone has some grow info on it.
  3. I've seen and read about several grows of False Teeth, it's supposed to be a really great strain. I wish I had a cut, and the Ken Estes cut you have of GDP should be phenomenal!
  4. Thanks Jjamh, I appreciate the input. I'm checking the trichomes daily, as soon as I see about 10-15% Amber, I'm taking them down. Then the hand cramps and back aches of trimming all by myself start!!! Lol
  5. Hey Williams, that's pretty much where I'm at with it now, screw the posted times, I'm just gonna watch the trichomes color.
  6. Does anyone know what the average flowering time is for pineapple chunk from Barney's Farm? BF states that it's 55-65 days, but I know that those numbers usually don't include the time it takes the plant to switch to flower.
  7. I agree, I bought the 'trim bin' on Amazon, and I'll sit and trim without one again!
  8. You guys and gals should check out Sour Patch Seed Bank, they have a lot of exclusive seed breeders and also have great customer service, you can order off the website or just contact them through Instagram. One of SPSB's most exclusive breeders is Obsoul33t, he bred Alien Technology, which several other seedbanks used to start there own seed companies!!
  9. Hey perg, thats interesting, you didn't run into any nitrogen deficiency by only using the flower base? I was under the impression the veg nutes had more N2o because it is needed in the plant during the vegetative cycle. I'm sure some strains might thrive with your style while others would be yellow and sickly from the n2o loss. Just my thoughts.
  10. After giving my girls that 36 hour dark cycle before going 12-12, seems to have helped the plants switch to flowering mode a lot faster, this strain normally takes 10-12 days before bud sites are appearing, this time it was happening after 6-7 days. I'm not saying a dark cycle before bloom is scripture written in stone or anything, but it did help me with my current Red Dragon ladies.
  11. I've had to do the same thing this spring/summer, running the flower room during the day made the temps get upwards of 95, So this year the lights come on at 6pm, and off at 6am. And it helps when I'm working second shift, I can get out at midnight and still have lots of time to get my work done in the grow room. I'm thinking about moving it back further on the next run, like 9pm-9am. Also, I would leave them in the dark for the transition. I gave my current flowering ladies a nice 36hr wait in the dark before going to 12-12.
  12. I'm really interested in finding this strain, I love the smell and taste, and the medicinal effects are wonderful. If anyone has informationa out clones or about this strain in general, I'd appreciate it. Thanks everyone!
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