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  1. I am trying to dind out if anyone knows if KI led grow lights are available. I inquire about them because the were economically priced. KIND leds are just out of my price range. There is some called Bloom something. OR does someone know of any custom builders who are affordable.
  2. Does anyone know if kigrow.com LEDs are still available I thought the price was affordable I cannot afford something like Kind LEDs any leads was be appreciated.
  3. Does anyone know if ki.grow.Com LED lights are still in operation. I researched them from a July advertisement . I am looking for economical leds

  4. Can a current registered Patient, who has No Caregiver, designate themselves as their own Primary CareGiver at anytime by following a few steps on the Patient Change Form? In the Add New Caregiver section, add myself as my caregiver? In the Change of Plant Possession, do I check the box I will possess the plants or do we leave that box alone?
  5. Trying to make a decision on ONE book. I have reviewed Ed Rosenthals, Greg Green and Jorge Cervantes.
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