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  1. I didn't see this here, so excuse me if was/has been already posted. https://consumerist.com/2016/11/03/after-4-3m-in-property-damage-millions-of-dehumidifiers-recalled/ https://www.recallrtr.com/dehumidifier Recall SummaryName of Product: Dehumidifiers. See Description below. Hazard: The dehumidifiers can overheat, smoke and catch fire, posing serious fire and burn hazards. Remedy: Replace/Refund. Consumers should immediately turn off and unplug the dehumidifiers and contact GD Midea for either a replacement unit or a partial refund. Consumers whose dehumidifiers were man
  2. Never seeing no one nice again, Like you, mama You, mama... You...
  3. Looks like Hen-of-the woods https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grifola_frondosa
  4. Back again for another weekly bump. My garden grows well, but I am completely out of med's (not your problem, just an update), and the dispensary I have been going to hasn't had anything other than sativa's for about a week now. This will be my 3rd time back there since making this post, and at 280$ an oz, it's a shame I couldn't find someone local to work with. Stay safe!
  5. Since this is from April, I don't know if they are still operational. Best for luck to you!
  6. Thank Trichcycler, thanks nice of you to say. As for the Auto, no I have never topped them before that time. Trimming yes, but just to expose area's to more light. I did the same to one of the Photo's cola's too(She has 7 now instead of 8) . My hands shake, and at times they just do their own thing lol. It is a real pain in the donkey when pruning.
  7. Howdy Highlander, Thank you for sharing your story. It's nice that you had such a wonderful experience. I wouldn't let my CG in my house with my kids when I wasn't home, but that's just me. That's some trust for 4oz a year!
  8. Howdy Beourbud, It's going great,thanks for asking! I just switched my Photo to flower, and I have and Auto about to finish in 4-5 weeks. The poor Auto is running late, as I broke her main stem trying to LST her back around her second week. So she was topped on accident. Then she battled cal/mag issue's when she went into flower, but she got better. She's about 15 inches tall now, but has 4 main colas. So all in all not a bad thing. Always a bright side My Photo on the other hand is doing great. She just flipped to flower on the 5th and is sitting around 19 inches tall. I lov
  9. Oh I get it. A lot of people use it, but I'm not a lot of people. A lot of people use Facebook and Twitter too, again I don't. If that was my only option, then maybe I would us CL. But it's not. I have my own grow, dispensaries and this website. Sure here is online too, but here others can interject when they see red flags that I may not catch. It is a safer place then CL by leaps and bounds. I'm not trying to catch a bunch of CG's or PT's, to sort out and release. I'm not picky, I just want good clean medicine during times I can't provide my own. Maybe you have lots of time to
  10. I honestly did not even try to contact them. Like Willy said:
  11. Yes only once a week. I keep my temp around 75F and my RH at 45-50. I keep my dehumidifier at 50%. It goes goes long with so little water, because I use 5 gal smart posts. The growth is not affected at all, at least to me. Maybe in comparison to others. I mainline with 8 colas and grow to around 15-18 inches in about 60 days. Small pots will drink more. Also, depends on the amount of perlit you use. I myself use none, but went with rice hulls, as I had 10lbs for a future no till that is cooking at the moment. The less aeration, the more water retention. They are referring to
  12. I guess I'll give this a bump even though there really isn't a need since it's at the top of the page. But, it has been a week and no new post. As for an update: I'm still looking for a CG.
  13. During Veg I only water about once a week. Even after a 60 day veg I don't feed more than 60 oz of "water" at a time. Most of the time 40 oz's if they are under 18"s. During flower you can water more depending on how thirsty your girls are, but if they say under 20"s you can still manage once a week, in my opinion. As for salt build up, I use House & Garden Drip Clean and haven't encounter any build up. I use 1 ml per gallon of water. I also use API Pondcare Pond-Zyme Enzymatic Pond Cleaner Barley as a Cannazyme replacement. For any solid particle build up, think root rot.
  14. I have always read that THC-COOH is fat soluble. So that is the first time I've heard this. What does it strip? I would love to read more. As for oils, I never use any thing other than coconut oil. Most of the time just straight MCT oil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium-chain_triglyceride Thanks for more great info! I will have to give it a try when I don't have to go out anywhere.
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