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  1. Keep it under lock and key. Check! T pain, The link above for the 2015 rule changes pdf doesn't work. Where can I find the most recent rules? The link in the pdf from lara doesn't work. Thanks for all the help. The reason I'm asking these questions is because I want to have the answers before I start doing this, not after the fact. My intent is to assist medical marijuana card holders with their medical marijuana for the purposes under the law. I'm not some yahoo trying to get rich, I'm not looking to deal drugs, or anything like that. My intent is to help qualified patients get
  2. Also, I didn't see anything on the change form in the link above for naming a caregiver or patient, it looks like a change of address form. Is that the correct form? If so, where do we specify the caregiver or the patient?
  3. Who gets the background check, the patient or the caregiver? And for someone who is currently just a patient would two change forms have to be sent in, one for the patient and one for the patient that is about to become a caregiver?
  4. On the topic of locked space; If my home is locked at all times and I never let anyone in is that considered a locked space? Or does locked space mean a locked space within my home?
  5. Thanks! Is there a link or something where I can see the actual law in regards to being a caregiver, just to make sure that I'm in compliance?
  6. Current cardholder, not caregiver, looking for help becoming a caregiver; getting patients, covering my tail, dotting i's, crossing t's, should I consult an attorney?, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. I did a little searching here and haven't found anything yet.
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