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  1. I gotta go with mal on this one, if your gonna claim protection under the mmma act follow the rules, plant count, possession limits, everything, otherwise, reap what you sew.
  2. So the new boss of mmj in Michigans initials are BuMMeR. That can't be good
  3. Norby!? You should know better than this. Did you at least change your ip?
  4. I don't think it's legal to harvest on state land either, that being said, sshh
  5. Late spring to early summer works best for me, you'll want to find them before the ferns get too tall. Try looking in older timber with land that hasn't been disturbed in at least 20 years. Older & larger sang takes up to 30 years to fully mature. They almost always grow on hillsides & shoot roots great distances, look for the plant & dig down to the roots, then try to follow the roots up or down.
  6. Yer way off there pal, the money they were spending still wasn't enough to do what they need to do to protect our Great Lakes. If they make this cut you will soon see the results with the decline and pollution of our waters. Do you remember when you could dip water out of the Saginaw river & use it in your car for antifreeze year round? You will soon see & then it will be too late.
  7. After spending all this money up front to become "legal commercial grows", aren't they still susceptible to the Feds to come swooping in, shut them down & take all those nice new Gavita's?
  8. Sounds like he got off on a technicality, what good does that do for the medical marijuana community? 100 lbs? Really? Sounds like a win for the dispensary community at best.
  9. Jjamh


    I really hope this comes to fruition, we need these clubs so we can organize & socialize face to face. Unfortunately I have heard this battle cry before with no results. Is this just an idea, or do you truly have a plan?
  10. Jjamh


    More info please. What area of the state?
  11. Those numbers are not even close enough to make an educated comparison.
  12. I don't believe for a minute these places will go thru all of this to sell $140 ounces. I bet they'll stick closer to current dispensary rates, plus some. I hear that's closer to $300-$500 ounces & no doubt the meds will be mid grade at best & no doubt not organic.
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