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  1. I will probably get a carbon filter then. Im growing some nine pound hammer and super glue and a couple of very good clones of a great cut of animal cookies.
  2. How bad will oder be with out a carbon filter? It is in the country and a few neighbors are family. I don't care about the inside of the house smelling at all.
  3. I have a 1300 cmf inline fan running for my exhaust and a normal fan running for intake I have 6.5 pH reverse osmosis water to water plants with. And running a few fans on the plant. My temp in room has ranged from 74 to 80. depending on how many fans I have going. What should my humidity be in veg? I can provide more information if needed.
  4. Hi I am a mm patient in the process of my second grow ever I would just like advice and opinions if anyone would. I am running two 1000 watts lights of HP's and two 1000 watt led lights with 14 plants, is that to little of wattage? They are all in 10 gallon pots and about the 2nd week of veg. Air cooled HP's units with fresh air intake going to outside fresh air. Also using Co2 gas's set on automatic timer to run ten minutes a hour at about 800ppm is that enough Co2? And what will my electric cost be a month? Sorry for so many questions.
  5. Smoking on a gorilla and yetti cross high thc with 3%cbd nice effect, and a couple ogkush dabs purged 72 hours.
  6. Didn't get a lawyer or anything before I went to court they called said they were dropping imporepr transportation then I said not guilty the first time I went in then talked to the prosecutor he instantly dropped the speeding ticket then said I have to see the judge about the no proof of insurance November 8th
  7. Thanks guys I appreciate all the support of this community. True we should be seeing less of this in the first place an that will happen with time I believe, I was happy they dropped it so fast with out having to drag it out in court. A victory for one of us is a victory for all
  8. Hi I am about to start my second grow ever I am using a 1000 watt led grow light about how much extra a month will this increase my electric bill? Im using a tent if that makes any difference. Should not have to run a ac at all.
  9. Smoking on a really special forum cut of girl scout cookies right now. Idk how to post a photo.
  10. Just got a 1000 watt led for 136 and am about to start a grow in the next week. I think these lights will kick donkey if not im going go for a 600 watt or 1000 watt hps
  11. So I went in they dropped myspeeding ticket dropped the improper transfer gave me wax and flower back but I have to go back November 8th to fight the no proof of insurance. So that is pretty cool.
  12. I can't be put on probation over this bs can I? This is all stupid that the cop did this he specifically said he has a problem with the concentrate. It was pressed rosin that is a preparation of dried flower is it not? Does anyone know the average cost a of a good marihuana lawyer? An do I pay up front or how does it work. Sorry I am 23 n work full time I have never,needed a,lawyer
  13. What can I expect to happen the first day I walk into the court room? And if I can beat it then can I get my flower back? Thanks for all of the advice guys I appreciate it.
  14. He said he could smell marijuana then asked where it was I said we are both medical patients he asked to see it and we gave it trying to comply and show we weren't doing anything wrong
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