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  1. So my UA came up negative for mm, thc, pot etc. im gonna say if you're like me you're not gonna fail. i told the new doc anyway
  2. Yea it totally sucks. I'm a chronic patient - I have and still am in PT. Yea the docs are all scared now.
  3. I'm well aware of the rules - I've been in PM for several years and have always followed the rules involving pain contacts and random UA. So yea I know what the future is probably gonna hold. i just checked the LARA database this morning and my previous PM doc has his license suspended! ?
  4. So my PM doc who has seen me for the last 4 years and has also signed my MM forms,( he allowed both MM and my pain meds) has been suspended from Medicare. Must have been in the bust yesterday but they always did it all by the book so I dunno. But, yea, they called me the day before my monthly appt-told me 2 dif stories. Nice one - no Hippocratic oath at that place.... So now I'm looking for a new PM doc which I think I've found BUT he won't allow MM. So my question is this: I only smoke oil. I smoke only at night before bed and usually only one or two hits does it for me, pain free and can sleep all night. I think I've heard that oil takes less time to clear from UA than smoke. Does anyone know if I can pass the UA if I stay off the oil for almost 2 weeks? Aplogize if this is a dumb question. ( I read Dr Bobs idea about opening a MM/ PM clinic and vote me in,"yes it's a great idea"!
  5. Roundabout comment- I also got used to them living in the U.K. for 5 years. When I moved back here all I had to remember is to turn the opposite way lol! They're efficient if used correctly;)
  6. I'm so sick of the DEA and congress and whomever making whoopee around with pain meds! They're not the ones in pain and think because so many are OD on H that pain meds need to be taken away...... GRRRR this subject ticks me off big time
  7. I'm prescribed 3 doses of morohine daily along with other meds for chronic pain that will never go away. I also have a legal mm card. I have been vaping mostly oils at night and since I began I have been able to drop my morphine usage down from 3 to 2 daily- this has been in about 4 months. Pretty cool thing this mm is IMO!
  8. For sure your wife should be told - don't hide stuff from your partner!
  9. It's always been illegal but there are many dispensarys that have it- the 4 I've gone to still have it. Look around
  10. Omg here we go. If they try and implement this crap the caregivers and suppliers are gonna act like the pharmacys do- the pharmacists that pretend to be doctors.....? " it's one day early you can't have your rx". " I don't think you should be taking this much- I got to call your doctor". " this may be a typo - got to call the doctor". " we are out if this medication- don't know when it will come in". " we don't carry that". ETC ETC ETC! I don't want the MM to change- I love it how it is now!!
  11. Willy- I just wanted to say I think it's lovely that you take the time to teach your patients how to make something- that's a great trait, love it!
  12. Just wanted to add another new card wait time for a family member : Mailed- May 14 Check cashed- May 20 Card received- June 20
  13. Shouldn't take 3 months don't worry! http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/40998-lost-med-mj-card-can-be-replaced-for-10-thru-lara/
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