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  1. Ok so if they're behind are they gonna change the 'allow 5 weeks' statement from the website? I doubt it- but thanks for the update.


    I've heard they are behind on changes but they make new cards a priority and the general time I've seen around right now is 20-25 normal days. They received my app on the 15th  and the check posted on the 21st so the earliest I'd expect my card would be this friday May 6th.

  2. The main gist... Give us some of that mmma money for...


    VIII. Detailed Spending ofMMMA Grant Funds:


    (28) Investigators at $49.26 per hr $133,971.74 (O.T. 28 investigators)

    average O.T. rate for an estimated 2720 hours of marihuana

    related investigations.

    Training (28) Investigators $10 ,000. 00 ($357 .14 per Investigator)

    4 day Indoor Marihuana Grow School

    Marijuana bags $1,000.00 (1000 x $1.00 per bag)

    Used for packaging marijuana plants

    2016 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van $31,000.00

    2016 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Truck $40,000.00

    2016 Renegade 8x20 enclosed trailer $9,753.26

    (28) First Spear Raid Vests $98,000.00 (28 First Spear raid Vest)

    28 x $3,500.00 per vest

    Protective Gear for investigators


    Total Grant Request: $323,725.00





    They get to go to a 4day, $10k grow class even, lol

    But no apparent training on the mmma at all


    You read it wrong, they are going to educate us about the mmma as they give us courteous visits at our door, door to door service.


    Seriously though they probably can't admit to needing (nor do they want it) educating on the MMMA because that would be seen as neglect on their part after all these years. The status says "Acceptance", does that mean they got the grant or that they have agreed that this is the proposal they'll submit for the grant?

  3. The programming mostly some of the chat is fun. Don't have to try and find something to watch, just tune in for 10-30 minutes ( I have no cable TV I'm one of those cord cutters). If you aren't familiar with things like twitch.tv, the noise can be pretty annoying from the chat. Stubborn people will probably have the mindset of: "OMG  new things I don't understand, they must be bad" but if you don't like it you don't like it.


    There's nothing to really advertise and I haven't seen any monetization of the site. I don't think it would be feasible to even monetize a site like that. Simon (the creator) is a software engineer that just builds it for fun and maintains it as a hobby. Like Simon I'm also a software engineer so I can understand the joy of building something like that even you don't make money off of it.

  4. I've enjoyed this site for awhile: https://www.treesnetwork.com/. It's a social streaming site that's anonymous. Here's how they describe it:


    What is The Trees Network?

    The Trees Network is an online video community for cannabis enthusiasts.
    We play a time-synchronized video alongside a real time chat offering a unique video watching experience in a community environment.
    I use the same handle on there as here. Enjoy.
  5. Been reading the forum for a bit and recently joined. I was a patient for 4 years previously but had a gap where I focused heavily on my career (better job better team). Now that has all settled down I've resubmitted my application (check has been cashed) and just waiting on my card. I'm hoping to find a caregiver in the Southern Genesee/Northern Oakland county area. I had a caregiver before but there was persistent mildew/mold problem with the meds so I won't be going back. I used to commute to Ann Arbor for work and was able to frequent a dispensary I liked that had good quality control and very friendly but a bit pricey of course. I'll try not to check the mail too many times today.


    Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the better weather, take care.

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