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  1. Simple and plain. Thank you for taking the time to reply. Got it.
  2. Question.....Okay, several questions tied into one.... I'll save the witty syntax for another topic, and just get straight to it. -How is it that ANY medical marijuana dispensaries still exist, "licensed" or otherwise? (Not that I personally have anything against dispensaries) -How do marijuana "social clubs" exist? (Groups of individuals that gather in a commercial setting to consume marijuana) -Is it location, luck, or do these groups/individuals have friends in "high" places? (Pun intended. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. ) I ask these questions not out of spite, but rather to gain a better understanding of the underlying rules of the seemingly endless game of "chance" of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. Thank you in advance for your replies. As always, your knowledge is valued and greatly appreciated. -AENID
  3. Right on!! Trower kills the melody on lead guitar!! Spin it!!
  4. Still unsure if any sort of gene splicing was involved, but picked up some "GMO" that was pretty stellar!!
  5. I was looking to broaden my musical horizons and could not think of a better way of doing so than by asking the guys and gals of 3MA their take on the subject. Now I know there are already a few other active posts dedicated to music, but with this thread I would like to get your take solely on the Classic Rock genre.I pride myself on being a multicultural, multifaceted, open-minded individual, and would like your help furthering this self growth. So, with that being said.... What are some of your favorite Classic Rock party/marijuana themed songs of all-time? One I recently found that tickled my musical fancy was "Sweet Leaf" by Black Sabbath. (Shout-out to the Prince of Darkness, btw. ) Again, thank you in advance for your replies. As always, your knowledge is valued and greatly appreciated. -AENID
  6. Death Stomper sounds pretty interesting. Im guessing its a cross between Death Star and Grape Stomper (Sour Grapes)? If so, sounds like a winning combination.
  7. Nope, not a lawyer. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I hear ya though, Wet. Side Note: Although my personal viewpoint of the subject matter may differ, I am wise enough to understand that some ideologies may be counterproductive to the marijuana movement. As a supporter of said movement, to advocate these ideas would be kinda "silly".
  8. Of course not. I know the difference. (Underlying point clearly made. )
  9. I hear ya, Zapp. But lets take acetaminophen, for example. I remember just not too long ago when Tylenol had to pull tons of pain meds from the shelves of stores all across the country. Was it from a lack of product testing or did someone just take an extra long break that day at the factory? Just sayin'....
  10. Side Note: I would hate for the manufacturer of my next car to not test the airbags they installed into my vehicle. But hey, who needs testing...right??
  11. Touche. Literally speaking I guess an absolute word like "all" is a stretch. But if we're counting pennis here, "many products aren't subject to testing"?? In relation to what? The total number of products that are? Seems like an even further stretch than "all". MOST consumer goods ARE subject to some sort of standardized testing. Whether the testing is mandated by the government or it is done internally within the company, some sort of testing is done. Whether the testing accurately depicts the product is another thing, but MOST commercial enterprises do "test" their products. (And if not, they should) No dynamite needed.
  12. I must join you in your disbelief. All goods, products, and or produce are subject to some kind of testing standard. At least here in the United States, that is. Bias or not, testing is needed in the grand scheme of things.
  13. Hmmm, very interesting. This speaks to me. I will do my much needed dilligence on the subject and come back to this one.
  14. Shucks, and I already bought tickets. Are there any refunds or transfers to be had with these things?
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