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  1. cool. I didn't know had viceland with the basic package, my wife was watching some weird shite and it turned out to be viceland. Good channel to spend a little time on.
  2. Just saw it last night. Very cool. Very sad. Wet
  3. up to 5k local and 401(5) is left ambiguous. It's supposed to relate to the cost of investigating the application, but you know how much government paper and staples cost, right? Buckle up I'd think!
  4. If it works for you, it's not a bad thing. If it doesn't work for someone else, it still works for you, right? It's still a good thing regardless of what others say or do. Sorry that we all rallied against ya! I'll tell you why I dont use them, but I won't say that bowl or other trimmers are bad. Personally, it's a nook and cranny thing for me. I can get in and get more stem and leaf material out. They also look a little nicer from hand trim imo. Wet
  5. Melania: wearing a who-who-bow at the last two debates. If she is making a statement, she got a few points in my book. Haha
  6. Probably true! Hopefully everyone can be lighthearted about the charade that our political system is and share some laughs and jokes!
  7. Podesta: compiling a list of the shittiest things your boss said, then emailing it off into the aether.
  8. Trump: confusing partial birth abortion for a c-section. I almost fell out of my chair.
  9. Okay, don't get all crazy no matter what side you're on. This is just for your observations on the craziest and dumbest shite this election cycle. Don't be a richard, don't be a nancy, and understand it does not fuking matter!
  10. No worries, just clarifying my own point as many later posts spoke of protest. I firmly believe that global warming and environmental degredation is the single biggest issue of our time. I'll likely vote green no matter what, because ignoring the earth for another few years isn't acceptable. Trump signed his resignation last night. There is no win in the future for him. Too many whoppers from both camps last night! Glad this shite is over.... Wet
  11. Let me clarify, I'm not protest voting stein. I'm voting for an anti-fracking promise, and clean energy effort, less foreign intervention, and finally, I'm voting stein so that a third party might have a shot at federal funding via the fec. if the green party gets 5% of the national vote, they essentially get a chance to come to the table next time. Please consider this if this thing becomes a runaway like cnn says it will. The tw party system is abhorrent. Wet
  12. I'm going green! Lifelong dem voter, but the debbie Wasserman appointment after her ouster was an insult to the American people and when I first seriously considered the switch. The Don is a post turtle and I've got no time to figure out what the fook point he is trying to make. Unless its required to stop the trump, I'm voting for momma earth! Wet
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