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  1. This oldtimer still reads these boards from time to time. Wassup Kevin!
  2. I would like to see the state save $350 million dollars, and stop incarcerating 16,500+ people every year, so yes I am in favor.
  3. They can't and won't enforce that ordinance. All these ordinances are designed to make it look like local governing bodies are "doing something". Relax, join MINORML, and be prepared to defend your rights!
  4. RepealToday.com Sign up to be a volunteer to gather signatures. We need to collect 325,000 before July 9 I believe, to put a Constitutional Amendment on next Novembers ballot. It reads as follows: A Petition to amend the Michigan Constitution Article 1, to add: Article 1 Section 28. Repeal of Marihuana Prohibition. For persons at least 21 years of age who are not incarcerated, marihuana cultivation, possession, bodily internal possession, sale, acquisition, transfer, delivery, transportation, religious, medical or personal use, or possession or use of paraphernalia shall not be prohibited, abridged, or penalized in any manner; nor subject to civil forfeiture; provided that no person shall be allowed to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by any substance. A report on AnnArbor.com http://annarbor.com/news/statewide-campaign-to-legalize-marijuana-in-michigan-kicking-off-in-ann-arbor/
  5. One clarification, a patient is NEVER their own caregiver. They are responsible for their own plants as a PATIENT if they check the appropriate box on the Application or Change Form. Yes, you can both be caregivers. Nothing in our law prohibits 2 caregivers from operating under the same roof, just from a common or shared facility. I'm not an attorney and this is not advice. It should be safe for an individual and their mate, or other related family member living in the same household, to both cultivate under one roof. In terms of plant count, you could have up to 144 under one roof and be protected by the MMMAct from state prosecution. The key to operating under the same roof is separate cultivation areas, each locked and inaccessible to the other mate. That would establish separate enclosed, locked facilities, and you may even win after a long series of court appearances. As the person responsible for cultivating cannabis plants, you are the only person permitted to enter your cultivation facility and the door should always be closed and locked. Use keyless locks so they don't find a key to your facility on your mate's keyring! Of course, throw in the feds and the game changes. Check out the federal penalties for cannabis: http://norml.org/laws/penalties/item/federal-penalties-2 My question is why would you ever want to grow 144 plants in your home (I know you never mentioned a number)? Just keep them in vegetative growth for another week or two and grow bigger plants. Use more light and less plants to achieve consistent yields. Each 1000 watt lamp should yield a minimum of 500-600 grams of bud if you have 1 plant or 10 plants! Hope this helps. Brad
  6. Here's the dish on these ordinances.... They are in fact unenforceable. I would love to speak with just one person who has been cited by any municipality for violating a local medical marijuana ordinance. These ordinances are strictly for show and have no teeth. BTW, there is a debate in the legal community regarding federal HIPAA protections. The paperwork you send to the State is protected by specific language in the Act itself. It's presumed the Michigan Department of Community Health is bound by HIPAA to protect that information, but that has not been decided by any high court yet. Any information you provide to a local municipality will NOT be covered by HIPAA as you have volunteered that information and no medical release was signed by you. Some municipalities (like Cheboygan County) believe that because your state information is (in their opinion) covered by HIPAA, any info you provide to local officials must be covered by extension. Friggin idiots! I put our local officials on notice, if anyone in this County is cited, we will get a lawyer and haul the County into court. Additionally, I hired an attorney to fight our ordinance. The key is not to challenge the entire ordinance, but challenge each provision of the ordinance one at a time. That keeps the County in court spending money on a law that is unenforceable. Start organizing locally. That's the only way to beat back Schuette's wolves.
  7. 1ST ANNUAL HARVEST FESTIVAL BBQ The Cheboygan affiliate of MINORML and the Northern Michigan Compassion Club are proud to announce our 1st Annual Harvest Festival BBQ on Sunday, November 6. It will take place at 10484 Straits Highway, Indian River MI 49749, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm. This event is indoors and open to the public from noon to 4, but afterwards all cardholders may stay for football, fellowship and any leftovers. This fundraiser costs $25 and $5 will be rebated if you bring a new unwrapped toy, or a small sack of nonperishable foods for our partners (Disabled Veterans of America and our local food pantry). The price includes a roast pig/chicken dinner with all the trimmings, exclusive entry into our Stub Raffle for a $100 VISA gift card, and 5 tickets to our merchandise raffles which includes autographed artwork, books, a vaporizer, and other local services. Additional raffle tickets are $1 each or 10 for $5. The proceeds from this event will allow us to create a website, and rent space for a northern Michigan base of operations. Please support us and our partners. Everett Swift from MIHEMP will be there with a great display of hemp products. Gersh Avery will be discussing Simpson Oil, we hope to also have a physician and an attorney to answer questions. There will also be other displays including the entire 20' banner display from the September 7 Lansing Rally, a 10' hemp and cannabis timeline banner, and our club will also have a respectable display for this event. You will learn something and meet new friends too, Please join us! http://nmichcc.ning.com/ or call 231-818-3229 Thank you! Brad Forrester
  8. Even if he personally believes in the medicinal uses of cannabis, he's not on the committee dealing with the relevant legislation, and he's a party follower. I've attended his visits at the Cheboygan Public Library and he is way out of touch with the poor folks in this county. Medical marijuana supporters may have an even better friend in his democratic opponent, Gary McDowell. He just announced he is running against Benishek in 2012. I would like to hear his position before I support anything republican in 2012.
  9. I have not engaged in much discussion of this decision though I have read it numerous times. I have come to the same conclusion that Blueberry has reached (a while back I might add). The "Farmer Market" model with each caregiver managing their own cannabis, appears to comport with the MMMAct and this decision. Caregivers are the only people authorized by the MMMAct to receive compensation for cannabis from patients. All transactions MUST be between a caregiver and a patient. Caregivers would not be allowed to acquire cannabis for their patients from the caregivers operating at this location. Any organization, for profit or non-profit, may provide a venue and other amenities to facilitate caregivers, and receive a fee. As long as the business never possesses or buys/sells cannabis directly, and simply charges caregivers a rental fee, membership fee, or any other fees to generate revenue for the business, that business would appear to be legal (IMHO). A viable dispensary would consist of a medium-sized building (2,000 s.f.). Inside, I would create 12 (or more) separate 10x10 cubicles, each with it's own locking steel door and a floor safe (kinda like a shopping mall). I would require an annual membership for entry into the building of $10 per month or $100 per year for caregivers and patients. That assures the building can pay it's rent, utilities, security and administrative costs. I would charge caregivers (and other vendors)a rental fee for use of each cubicle, that's how owners and investors make their money. Owners won't get rich off this model, but they will make money. Patients will have access, and caregivers will be able to recover their costs. As far as I can see, the only bad part of this decision is that it leaves the courageous folks from Compassionate Apothecary on the hook for a felony. Other then that, it basically affirms many of the positions our community holds dear, including the sanctity of the patient-caregiver relationship, and the IMMUNITY registered patients and caregivers enjoy from prosecution.
  10. Call every one of them. If you're not sure if you called one or not, call again! These people are our biggest ally right now. Let's show them a little love.
  11. Here are all the contact numbers. Call these people repeatedly and tell them to adhere to the plank in the democratic platform that supports medical marijuana. Tell them they must protect the Act and oppose the Walsh package of bills. Tell them you will never vote democrat (it's OK to lie to these people, they are politicians) again if they support these bills as written. These people stand between the Walsh package of bills and the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, make sure they know how you feel!!! STATE SENATE Senator Coleman Young II 1st (517) 373-7346 Senator Bert Johnson 2nd (517) 373-7748 Senator Morris Hood III 3rd (517) 373-0990 Senator Virgil Smith 4th (517) 373-7918 Senator Tupac Hunter 5th (517) 373-0994 Senator Glenn Anderson 6th (517) 373-1707 Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood 8th (517) 373-7800 Senator Steve Bieda 9th (517) 373-8360 Senator Vincent Gregory 14th (517) 373-7888 Senator Rebekah Warren 18th (517) 373-2406 Senator Gretchen Whitmer 23rd (517) 373-1734 Senator John Gleason 27th (517) 373-0142 STATE HOUSE Rep. Tim Bledsoe 1st (517) 373-0154 Rep. Lisa Howze 2nd (517) 373-0106 Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi 3rd (517) 373-1776 Rep. Maureen Stapleton 4th (517) 373-1008 Rep. John Olumba 5th (517) 373-0144 Rep. Fred Durhal Jr. 6th (517) 373-0844 Rep. Jimmy Womack 7th (517) 373-0589 Rep. Thomas Stallworth 8th (517) 373-2276 Rep. Shanelle Jackson 9th (517) 373-1705 Rep. Harvey Santana 10th (517) 373-6990 Rep. David Nathan 11th (517) 373-3815 Rep. Rashida Tlaib 12th (517) 373-0823 Rep. Andrew Kandrevas 13th (517) 373-0845 Rep. Paul Clemente 14th (517) 373-0140 Rep. George Darany 15th (517) 373-0847 Rep. Bob Constan 16th (517) 373-0849 Rep. Phil Cavanagh 17th (517) 373-0857 Rep. Richard LeBlanc 18th (517) 373-2576 Rep. Dian Slavens 21st (517) 373-2575 Rep. Douglas Geiss 22nd (517) 373-0852 Rep. Jon Switalski 25th (517) 373-1772 Rep. Jim Townsend 26th (517) 373-3818 Rep. Ellen Cogen Lipton 27th (517) 373-0478 Rep. Lesia Liss 28th (517) 373-2275 Rep. Tim Melton 29th (517) 373-0475 Rep. Marilyn Lane 31st (517) 373-0159 Rep. Woodrow Stanley 34th (517) 373-8808 Rep. Rudy Hobbs 35th (517) 373-1788 Rep. Vicki Barnett 37th (517) 373-1793 Rep. Lisa Brown 39th (517) 373-1799 Rep. Harold Haugh 42nd (517) 373-0854 Rep. Richard Hammel 48th (517) 373-7557 Rep. Jim Ananich 49th (517) 373-7515 Rep. Charles Smiley 50th (517) 373-3906 Rep. Jeff Irwin 53rd (517) 373-2577 Rep. David Rutledge 54th (517) 373-1771 Rep. Sean McCann 60th (517) 373-1785 Rep. Kate Segal 62nd (517) 373-0555 Rep. Barb Byrum 67th (517) 373-0587 Rep. Joan Bauer 68th (517) 373-0826 Rep. Mark Meadows 69th (517) 373-1786 Rep. Brandon Dillon 75th (517) 373-2668 Rep. Roy Schmidt 76th (517) 373-0822 Rep. Marcia Hovey-Wright 92nd (517) 373-2646 Rep. Stacy Erwin Oakes 95th (517) 373-0152 Rep. Charles Brunner 96th (517) 373-0158 Rep. Steven Lindberg 109th (517) 373-0498
  12. The federal Supremacy Clause does not apply to medical marijuana, research Garden Grove v Superior Court. I will not tell you to break the law. I will tell you to fight the law locally. The Treasury Department letter to CPA James Campbell and the McQueen COA decision both contain language that protects patients and caregivers who are connected through the Department's MMP Registry, and who are acting in accordance with the Act. That relationship can only be regulated by LARA, and changed only by congress or voter initiative. I realize there are two court decisions that go against this theory, Kalamazoo and Livonia. But judges who bow to political pressure, or agree to some political favor in exchange for turning a blind eye towards the Act and these documents, will have their decisions overturned ultimately. we must be patient, this is politics.
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