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  1. PTSD nor dying qualifies you in Illinois. It's hard to come up with words to describe the compassion Illinois has. Jackson, MI sounds like not too much snow. Are there handicap services there?
  2. I'm going to be dead in 20 years. So I think I'd like to enjoy the rest of my life. Besides, I was hoping to smoke weed, not water. lol My son is only 23 so I'm hoping he's got at least 50 years plus to go. Does Jackson sound like it's got a good 50 year history? Sorry about the water joke, if I don't use my humor, I get too sad.
  3. We are from near Rockford. Chicago is the murder capital of IL, but Rockford is shooting for number 1. Not wanting my family to have extra holes, the crime rate and the laws here are what have me thinking about Jackson, MI. Out west, there's going to be water shortages. And having family in the Chicago area, I think we can do a 4 and 1/2 hour drive every now and then. I would go to Niles, MI, but them people get way too much lake effect. But it's not just my son, I have PTSD and Illinois doesn't care. Because of my eyes, (I"m almost totally blind), is the reason the lake effect snow is
  4. Hi everyone. We currently live in Illinois. Words alone can't explain how we want to leave. But then I want to set my son, (who has a traumatic brain injury), up in a state that will have water in 50 years from now. Plus I really love peaches and apples. But I don't want lake effect snow, and I also want nice people to hang around with who speak English. Is Jackson, MI the place for me to set up my son?
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