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  1. How about this? Applying a thin layer of some kind of mulch around the plant to control moisture?
  2. Yeah, something about planting a cover crop after the cannabis has become established???
  3. Read somewhere, grower planted some "cover crop" on top of their grow container. To control water loss? Don't know anymore about it......alfalfa maybe??? TIA
  4. Thanks all. Decided to go with a 7 gallon fabric bag now for indoor grow, hope to start germination in a few weeks. So I got these 20 gallon plastic pots, could I use them for an outdoor grow in U.P. MI? than
  5. Newbie here, never grown. Getting ready to germinate 2 seeds and transplant into two 20 gallon plastic pots. Any you have experience in this size? Advantages and disadvantages? I know from tropical fish hobby, the larger the aquarium the more stable the environment, temperature etc. so thinking similar situation with size of grow pot size. Also, something about the size of the pot gonna help in root development and plant size? Gonna germinate in something called "cow pots" #3 round pots (2 1/2 inch) and set these into the 20 gallon pots. Closet size grow room, only growing two plants, s
  6. Should I add some kind of bug killer, fungus killer or anything prophylactically to my soil prior to planting my seedlings? Neem oil or something else?
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