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  1. More like Cali’s stuff is ending up in our yards.
  2. I should’ve mentioned it earlier that yes those collapsible tanks were offered at the stores i checked .I just don’t feel comfortable enough using them.I will check that family farm store linked earlier in person,maybe they’ll have something TSC doesn’t.
  3. I'd prefer a storage type tank vertical tank.TSC has them 300 oval open top tanks but i'd rather use something vertical. Shishka: I've looked into them CL totes only problem is they don't fit thru a standard house door. Something similar to this
  4. Does any know where a local company that makes 250-300 gallon reservoirs??I dont want to order anything online since shipping can cost as much as a reservoir would.
  5. So what happens when a CG gets denied the commercial liscense can he go back and get his home grown liscense back?Sounds kind of suspect to me.
  6. You give up caregiver privileges if you get that grow license.
  7. Are you required to have an approved building that's up and running ,or can you apply for one and see if you get approved then set it up? The permits i am referring too are the ones being applied for Dec 15.
  8. Man this is like reading a book,can you like highlight the part where they try to regulate it?Because when i searched the case i found that they were trying to deny him to grow because it was federally illegal.
  9. The only fool here is you guy,where did i say the cities are denying growers???Regulating is totally different.They can let you grow ,but they'll want you to play their game by tearing it down ,pulling permits ,amount of grow space, etc.
  10. How did they know you were growing?I heard about Eastpointe messing with growing more than 12 plants recently. Bax i am not sure about cities not being able to pass ordinances,Sterling Heights for example are cracking down on growers ,wanting to get inspectors to check your grow when you're legal.
  11. Good luck!!Most of them won't agree,and the ones that do,will tax you.Best bet like mentioned above is get an out of state landlord,or someone that lives far away.You would also have to do repairs yourself .
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