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  1. mishigami bear

    Michigan Ginseng

    I like these guys (wildgrown.com from Wisconsin). They are well regarded in the ginseng forums that I frequent. I'm gonna order 1 pound of seeds (~7000 seeds) for $150. But they have lesser amounts too, down to a 2 ounce package (~900 seeds) for $35. You can probably find cheaper on ebay, but you risk poor germination rates.
  2. mishigami bear

    Michigan Ginseng

    It's ginseng season again this year. I will be ordering a large quantity of seed, and taking some deep woods hikes to go all johnny appleseed.
  3. The right to homegrow in the outdoor sunshine = real legalization
  4. mishigami bear

    Do caregivers provide an allowance?

    You can easily learn to grow your own. You can get all of the instructions you need from books, the internet, youtube, etc. The key is obtaining good seeds.
  5. mishigami bear

    Regalia, Procidic2 and powdery mildew

    Mildew needs to be dealt with by cutting out affected sections or removing entire plants. No "spray-on" products are going to be effective on flowering buds.
  6. This is the list of diagnoses that Dr. Amen claims to treat: ADD/ADHD Addiction Alzheimer’s Disease Anxiety Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Problems Bipolar Disorder Brain Toxicity and Infection Concussion Dementia Depression Lyme Disease Marital Conflict Memory Problems Obsessive Compulsive Disorders PTSD Traumatic Brain Injury Here is a list of the therapies that are offered at the clinic: Coaching, Hormonal Replacement Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Integrative Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, Ketamine Injection Therapy, Micronutrient Therapy, Neurofeedback, Nutritional Counseling, Psychotherapy, QEEG, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
  7. My Dad had Tourettes Syndrome since he was a child, but only got the diagnosis (and learned the name Tourette's) at like age 30. I started showing symptoms of Tourettes around age 16. Mostly facial ticks (blinking, scrunching nose, pouting) and some vocal ticks (chirping, throat clearing, and other sounds... but no words). I also had an issue with constantly picking my wedgie and adjusting my junk at inappropriate times in public. Luckily I knew what it was, and was familiar with the disease. Age 16 was also the time that I started smoking weed. It quickly soothed whatever "itch" I had in my brain that compelled me to tick. I consider myself to have been "cured" by my use of MJ. By age 18, I had no ticks left at all and remain tick free up to now (age 49).
  8. mishigami bear

    Dr Meiri - Technion Researcher

    Right now, Oncology is among the most exciting and progressing fields of medicine today. Every aspect of cancer treatment has been improving by leaps and bounds. Surgery and radiation are becoming increasingly precise, with cyberknife and other technologies. Immunotherapy and medications based around the patients exact DNA are becoming standard. If you or a loved one gets a cancer diagnosis, definitely consider the advanced cancer treatment therapies that are available. Cannabis oil concentrates can definitely improve quality of life, and even potentially help fight the cancer. But do not forgo conventional cancer treatment in favor of "faith" in RSO or whatever.
  9. mishigami bear

    Just showing off

    I don't know your backstory. If it is legal related, I hope that there is recompense for you in the future. After full legalization, there will be a lot of convictions eligible for expungement. In a just world, there would also be financial damages to victims of the drug war. Nice work. I dig the guitar shaped pipe.
  10. mishigami bear

    7 out of 627 MM Business Licenses Approved

    Must be nice for those 7 to get a running head start over everyone else.
  11. I purchased a 10' x 10' dog Kennel (6' high with open top) from Lowes, that is basically chain link fence material. I can padlock the door mechanism. I have a bunch of bamboo on my property, and was thinking about using it for the open top. I can cut them to any size and secure it to the fencing with wire ties. My big concern is anchoring the structure properly to the ground. It needs to be secure from high winds and needs to be compliant with the law.
  12. We can also get deep into the weeds trying to interpret the "covered/locked" provisions of the law, especially as it applies to outdoor grows. Is there an actual mesh size requirement for fencing?
  13. mishigami bear

    Just starting medicinal

    I loved the Cherry Pie that I had earlier this year.
  14. Thank you to everyone involved. My condition (Tourettes) was included among the 11.