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  1. Investing in Cannabis

    I don't worry about Monsanto or any big Agri-corp getting involved in Cannabis genetics. I don't see how they could do a better job breeding seed than current breeders. And it seems pointless to produce GMO cannabis, as the market will shun it.
  2. Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut

    Lord that looks good. Will the buds purple out or just the leaves?
  3. Built out grow space available for rent

    Also reap the pollen from your neighbors' hermaphroditic plants. Or the white flies from dirty clones that your neighbor brings in.
  4. I wonder if Shelly has ever consumed cannabis. Otherwise, it is like a nun teaching sex ed.
  5. Sun grown (with appropriate light deprivation) is almost always preferable to indoor, in my opinion.
  6. Totally new to vaping--basic questions

    You also may wish to get a Pax or a Volcano and vape the dry buds directly. I like that much better than vaping oil or cartridges.
  7. Investing in Cannabis

    Cannabis "stocks" and investments seem like scams to me.
  8. Scott Greenlee, President of Healthy & Productive Michigan:
  9. THC/CBD Shots

    How do you get the THC to dissolve in water? I always thought you needed a non-polar compound like alcohol or oil to dissolve the THC.
  10. Idiot that none ever heard of becomes internet famous for saying stupid crap. Congrats Steve!
  11. Medical pot enforcement higher ahead of new law

    Two brownies??? OMG!
  12. Marijuana Doomsday Didn't Come

    The Rohrabacher-Farr amendment may expire on 12/22, if Congress doesn't renew it. In that case, AG Sessions just might go hog-wild with busts and prosecutions.
  13. Probation???

    See what your lawyer can get for you. But I would set your minimum expectations to include probation and drug testing. Usually, you can get the arrest and conviction "expunged" from your record upon successful completion of probation.
  14. Probation???

    Most "normal" people going through the system end up with probation, which almost always includes random pee tests. Your medical card won't exempt you from these (and other) conditions of probation.