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  1. I never had the attention span to make it through Law School. But I have maximum respect for those in the legal profession. Dishonest judges and prosecutors must be brought to Justice.
  2. mishigami bear

    MI approves legalization proposal for the ballot

    I think it is preferable that it goes to the ballot rather than the legislature mucking it up. They would probably nix the homegrown provision, and require everyone to purchase from an authorized dispensary.
  3. mishigami bear

    Greetings everybody :)

    If you have a medical card, I highly recommend growing your own. It is such a fun hobby, and the plant is just wonderful to keep in your presence.
  4. And let me add a congratulations to Michael and the petitioners who got those 10 conditions past the board.
  5. So it is still up to the LARA Director to give final approval. Has he/she ever rejected a recommendation from the panel?
  6. Thanks so much for your work!
  7. mishigami bear

    MI approves legalization proposal for the ballot

    I can't wait to someday enter one of my bonsai girls at the Michigan State Fair.
  8. mishigami bear

    How Legalized Pot Could Ruin Famous Pot Convention

    The fake weed advertisements in High Times always left me with a bad taste.
  9. Dana Nessel wins Democratic Party endorsement for Michigan Attorney General! https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/04/15/nessel-democratic-endorsement-michigan-attorney-general/518873002/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  10. This dude is pushing the marijuana of the 60s versus the marijuana of today bullshyte. I'm all in for Dana Nessel.
  11. I'd be afraid to leave them in the dark for 4 days. I spend the last week of flowering trimming off sugar leaves, while keeping a close eye for bugs and mold.
  12. Gorgeous buds. What is the purple strain in the bottom photo?
  13. Free weed is always too good to be true. No caregiver can legitimately (legally) provide cannabis for zero cost. Even $100 / ounce seems too low to support a grow operation. Those who offer such deals are just using you for the patient count (12 plants) and selling the overages through other means (black market or grey market).