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  1. mishigami bear

    Just starting medicinal

    I loved the Cherry Pie that I had earlier this year.
  2. Thank you to everyone involved. My condition (Tourettes) was included among the 11.
  3. mishigami bear

    Tissue Cultured Marijuana ? You Bet !

    Key Quotes from that article I linked above:
  4. mishigami bear

    Tissue Cultured Marijuana ? You Bet !

    Thanks for bumping this thread. I'm new here and didn't see this before. I have been cloning and making seed for years. But I can't even begin to process all of this information about tissue cultures. Let me ask... is this really a thing that normal growers do? or is it just something done by professionals? I was reading about Hunter S. Thompson's widow using tissue culture on the remaining bud in his stash bag (his favorite strain) and she now markets it as the Gonzo brand cannabis.
  5. This was said with a straight face? If I had heard that live, I would have lost my decorum and burst out in laughter.
  6. Speaking of astro-physicists and scientists, here are some choice Carl Sagan quotes from the 1969 book Marihuana Revisitied:
  7. Can I ask which strains you use for your anxiety patients? Thanks.
  8. mishigami bear

    MI approves legalization proposal for the ballot

    The deadline has past for the Legislature to muck it up. It's going to the ballot. http://michiganradio.org/post/marijuana-legalization-goes-ballot-campaign-shifts-focus-november https://www.clickondetroit.com/michigan-elections/marijuana-in-michigan-voters-will-be-asked-if-they-want-it-legalized
  9. I never had the attention span to make it through Law School. But I have maximum respect for those in the legal profession. Dishonest judges and prosecutors must be brought to Justice.
  10. mishigami bear

    MI approves legalization proposal for the ballot

    I think it is preferable that it goes to the ballot rather than the legislature mucking it up. They would probably nix the homegrown provision, and require everyone to purchase from an authorized dispensary.
  11. mishigami bear

    Greetings everybody :)

    If you have a medical card, I highly recommend growing your own. It is such a fun hobby, and the plant is just wonderful to keep in your presence.
  12. And let me add a congratulations to Michael and the petitioners who got those 10 conditions past the board.
  13. So it is still up to the LARA Director to give final approval. Has he/she ever rejected a recommendation from the panel?
  14. Thanks so much for your work!